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November 04, 2008



ask anyone involved with web design, networking, or programming in this country and I'm sure they'll be able to tell you of at least one occasion where they had a great, simple idea of how they could use their skills to help the people communicate better with the civil services.

People with more than one story to tell will probably tell you that half the time they offered to carry out most of the idea for little to no cost to anyone, the problem is they could never find out who they needed to get "approval" from.

In other cases, the fact that they asked for less than scores of thousands of dollars meant they weren't take seriously. And of course there were occasions where one Black Bahamian shunned the other because they felt a Black Bahamian wasn't up to the task.


Most Civil Servants fear e-communications because it leaves a paper trail, proof that communication was had, and that statements were made.
They rightly fear a senior or political blasting, for following the written rules, instead of the political policy of the day.
Rule by fear is persuasive enough for most to bide their time, and take what is in effect harmless to them flack from a frustrated public.
Responsibility by way of constitutional authority has been transmuted into rule by personal power, which has turned civil servants from administrators of information and facilitators into seekers of personal allegiance as a matter of survival.
I would add something to your last comment, black and white Bahamians of capability are equally shunned, as if the demi-gods we create by election somehow become all-knowing once elected.

P.D. Smith

There is a book called "The Peter Principle" written by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull, which in a nut shell, states that all people up and down socioeconomic ladders sooner or later rise to a point of incompetance within all hierarchal systems. For example, the newly promoted, well trained English Literature teacher who does not write well anymore because required staff meetings and office politics consume her days. In sum, civilization as we understand it turns out to be a cruel comedy of errors.

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