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May 08, 2009



Simon, In a most sincere way, you wax philosophic, but your prose is far too flowery to honestly be applied to our current national crisis which itself cannot be atributed to anything but a failure to address reality on many fronts.
Personally, I think you attribute far too much credit, thought and comprehensive skills and perhaps misplace your hope, to those who we have repeatedly been waylaid by, irrespective of political stripe.
I enjoy your writing, but please, pick a more worthy subject.
Only my opinion.

Ryan V. A. Albury

I disagree. I think it was an excellent and timely piece and echoes the sentiments I have been expressing since 2007. Bahamians want a leader that inspires them, that personifies hope and vitality. This need was even more intensified with Mr. Obama's election. We need a plan and a vision, so that we as a nation will know where we're headed. The next administration will have to impress Bahamians a great deal, not by short term measures but long term goals and aspirations.


I agree with you Ryan, we do need leadership with Vision and vitality that should give the citizens of this country hope. To expect hope out of thin air is foolish however, Second, if we as a nation must suddenly be reminded of or made aware if our faults and failings by the election of Obamma in the U.S. then we are in more trouble than I thought.
Our problems pre-existed the Housing crisis, our hurricanes of 2004-5, the OECD blacklisting, etc etc.
As for the next Administration, whoever they are, IF they recognise the real problems, and IF they are minded to do the obvious, and IF they are willing to make the hard decisions, we MAY start the process of fixing a country sick by self inflicted wounds.

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