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January 30, 2012


Philip Smith

Of course this would come on the same day that the other national paper reports that Bahamians surviving on less than $5,000 per YEAR has grown by 83%! Our author's response? Let them save up and become shareholders in our quiet Bahamian revolution! Counseling Bahamians to buy shares when the bank is trying to foreclose is the height of blindness. The gulf between the wealthy and poor is growing, the middle class is shrinking and the politicians are still talking.

Ken Clarke

It bears examination, how many Bahamaians have profitted form investments in shares in the last twenty years. We have had legendary collapses in shares, most of which have hardly been reported and virtually none pursued through the courts by those who have in many cases lost their life savings. There is little accountability in our securities laws but the APD is the most agregious imaginable. Forty per cent of the shares held controls the entire operation while being guaranteed a 10 percent return, not out of profits but as a liability to the company. This will be inetresting

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