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January 04, 2016


Peter Goudie

As always bang on and well written.

Have you sent this to Perry for a reality check???


Robert Sands

Perfectly reasoned and expressed. Thank you Larry.
Robert Sands

Peter Barratt

As a nation acutely affected by global warming principally in the form of sea rise we have an awesome responsibility to show we are serious about adopting mitigation strategies. If we don’t perform why should others? We all understand the need to adopt green technologies to energy but an obvious benefit that everybody can adopt concerns our vehicles, particularly private cars. Few places are better suited to adopting hybrid and electric vehicles. We have no snow or icy conditions, no hills to speak of and the average trip length is probably less than five miles. There should be considerable government imposed incentives for people to own hybrid and electric vehicles and a corresponding tax on polluting diesel and petrol-powered vehicles.
Add: (a proud owner of a Prius)

S. Malone

Are there plans for government subsidies and elimination of taxes and duties for eco technology entering the Bahamas? (solar, wind etc.) As far as I can see, these islands, so dependent on crystal clear water for tourism and fishing, don't even have mandatory pump-outs in major Family Island harbours. Heck, we don't even do basic recycling. We still allow styrofoam food containers to proliferate. We have no fines for polluting or if we do, when was the last person prosecuted? All the rhetoric in the world is not going to drag us out of our third-world reality.

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