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May 12, 2017


Leandra Esfakis

At the risk of mastering the obvious, the 2017 election was another teachable moment, for both the incoming and outgoing governments.
The Bahamian people sent a clear message and it is this: you have a 5 year window of opportunity to serve your constituency, your country and our Consitutional principles of governance: to be active, effective, transparent and accountable: to produce positive outcomes.
The PLP has left the country gasping somewhere between the Emergency room and ICU.
The next challenge for the good Doctor P. M. Minnis is to get it out of sick bay and back on its feet.

Gregory Culmer

What I find so fascinating about this era in Bahamian politics is that the chairman of the PLP, Mr. Roberts, is unable to understand why his party was so soundly and thoroughly rejected. The night of the election this amused me, but the more I think about it the more it frightens me. How could a man -- much more so an entire political class -- be so obscenely out of touch? For goodness sake a, 22 year old beat Bernard Nottage and neither the former prime minister nor the party chairman had the foresight to resign that evening? Additionally, the ever a pompous Mr. McCartney cannot read the writing on the wall and stop wasting people's money and time? I would be extremely interested to look over the books of the DNA and find out if the party is in debt (and to whom). Mr. Christie honestly thought that the people would accept the sham he called a 51% economic stake in BTC, knowing full well the company had done more under private ownership in a few weeks than the government under both parties was able to accomplish in decades. I am honestly shocked that the BAMSI dorm fire insurance scandal did not result in a criminal indictment for Mr. Davis or, at the very least, end his political career.

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