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September 24, 2005


Rick Kapila

Dear Sir,
I have worked in the education system of the Bahamas and in BTVI.
It is time to change the existing mess out there. Surely there are few committed folks out there, but the negatives over take them all. You can not change the bottom with out changing the top. Here neither the head is connected to the body nor feet are properly anchored on to the ground.

In Bahamas I came to know the true Saddam Hussain of education (Dr. Higgs) who allowed the day to day teaching of technology in BTVI with no fixed curriculum, interestingly it was made dynamically floating enough and allowed to vary day by day to suit the fast moving targets being set daily. These transient bureacrats do run the place with the help of their trusted sycophants who remain despotic, ignorant & truly repressive to any new ideas of seeking constructive & meaningful change.

Only human ignorance breads hardened defense mechanisms which further resists any change. Bahamas must change, and there is no choice left for us, otherwise we will be left far behind in the pursuit of new jobs and new technologies, which do remain essential for the survival of our society. I do recommend that each education institution have a "cell" of enlightened teachers and the supporting staff, responsible for the over all educational planning, the curriculum development and the total goal setting for the whole organization at the grass roots level. These hand picked bureacrats bring their own agendas and accompanied baggages, which does not help the institutions they administer, often done with heavy hands to look some what impressive and effective to their political masters. They are supposed to be there to serve society, and not to rule the communities. Their arcane idealogies often interfere with the over all educational health of the country.

Education for what is the eternal challenge ? Unfortunately Bahamas has allowed to destroy its family units for what ever reasons, may be by the reasons of a copy cat effects of a blatant American consumerism or through the destruction of it's family values. It is now time to heal and recupe from the injuries done to our education system by these self appointed doctors with no feeling or meaningful professional skills or even appropriate training etc.

Finally wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year in the Bahamas. Remember always quality always out shines the quantity in the longer run. You do have lot of hidden diamonds scattered out there in the nooks and corners of various islands. It is now the great challenge to discover them and try to polish them asap. In technology we say harder the substance softer the wheel. Similarly it takes a lot of patience to educate and cuture & poilsh a young rough diamond like personality of a student.

With good wishes again for the New Year to you all.

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