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September 27, 2005


Jim O'Brien

I am the Seafood Department Manager for a local grocery store in Washington State (USA). Some of my customers have expressed an interest in obtaining Conch. My local suppliers have been very slow in getting back to me on availibility and price. Although one vendor did send me some but it had been frozen for almost four years. Needless to say my customer desired a fresher product.
Do you have a distributer or resource I can cotact.
Jim O'Brien

Martiniqua Moxey

I absolutly enjoyed this article. Currently, I am a freshman majoring in Economics at The College of the Bahamas, doing some research for an expository essay on the overfished conch population of the Bahamas. I found this artilce most helpful, and do hope that through my essay and other artilces about this topic, some awarness is brought to the Bahamian public, because I feel this issue does not get enough attention. Hopefully, we will not wait to late to implement such conch farms, or any other means to help the conch population replenish to its original state.

M. Moxey

Dan Gamble

Conch are wonderful. I get conch in The Abacos fresh and can only hope to share the exprience with my young daughter I have seen conch beds with 1000's in the sea grass too young to harvest,but it was great to see. The biggest violators of taking immature conch are the bahamains themselves.They are just doing what they have for hundreds of years. American sportfisherman are depleting the Bahamian stock of fish,conch and crawfish. They spend money but are depremental to wildlife. Tourists in rental boats are fine.

Samuel Strachan

I would like to give another crack at setting up a conch farm in the Bahamas. If anyone is interested in going out on a limb with me, contact me at this address and let's get a-conchin' !!


Mike McKee/Marianne Gardner

We are interested in rejuvenating the wild conch population of the Bahamas, specifically Long Island. One idea we would like to look into is getting the local school children involved in setting up an egg farm. Please pass along any information you have re: contacts (Mr. Hesse in Provo), any funding and/or other government support available for such a project. We can be contacted at mg23mckee@yahoo.com

Mike McKee
Marianne Gardner

Terrance A. Archer

Hi I am with a local College on the Island of Freeport Grand Bahama call Terreve College. Our Team has set up a program to start a mariculture program to rais conch and several other marine life to teach the Bahamian populas how to become fish / conch farmers themselves. We are very interested in partnering with any investors that may be interested in teaming up with us. PLease contact me at: Terreve College (242-352-2688 or 954-703-5692

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