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November 22, 2005


An outside point of view

The Bahamas with such a short independence evolution period of 34 years lends only the recent History as the consequences of their actions. The people of the Bahamas no matter what the true character of any politician, have just the recent memories to direct them. The canidate for Deputy Priminister Mr. Symonette carries the baggage of the recent past real or percieved. With slightly under 15% of the Bahamas being White voters and owning business producing 80% of the local economic base the less fortunate Black Bahamians still feel as though they are economic slaves, allowed only freedom of thought which of course will be in their vote. The repression that was as recent as 1967 when Black Bahamians were then allowed to proceed in there education past age 14 is a long lived memory. It will be many years until Bahamian society can ascend past the Race Card, so I ask you Mr. Allen do you blame the Black Bahamian Society for having a race card view? Look at Hugo Chavez in Venzuela he is of the Majority race in that Country, it took more than thirty years for this man to be elected due to the economic interests of the minority race also being the Majority owners of the local economic base. Should the Bahamian people regress for percieved progress?

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