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November 02, 2005



There are other Bahamian blogs out there, too. I've got several, but not all of them are public; some are friends-only, some are private. Most of the others aren't political, but more literary and special-interest. For example:

Philip and I blog our travels, beginning in 2000 with our drive from Victoria, B.C., to Miami, with numerous detours and excitements.

Ringplay Productions also has a Bahamian theatre blog.


larry smith

well, the hunt is still on for the most senior Bahamian blogger.

we'd appreciate any other citations.


Heres one about the Bahamas.



Can you point me to any Bahamian theatre works that feature conchy joes (white Bahamians) or Eleutheran Adventurers?


Are there any other Bahamian bloggers out there? I am interested in reading there bloggs


Hi, Larry ... am just seeing this excellent roundup of Bahamian sites. I am not so sure it counts as a blog, as it's more of a Brilander roundtable conversation online, but the Briland Modem at www.briland.com for Harbour Island and North Eleuthera launched in September 1999 in the face of the oncoming Hurricane Floyd.

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