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November 30, 2005


Rick Lowe

If I were leader???
What an interesting proposition.
I would first reduce the size of parliament and implement real local government within our present system.
I would then immediately privatize as many of the government agencies, corporations and ministries - yes ministries - as I could.
This would reduce the tax burden and the runaway spending that continues unabated and unleash the entrpreneurial spirit more so than the original attempt at privatizing BaTelCo did.
Of course I would be voted out in the short term, - no the very short term - but the benefits to the country, and by extention its people, in the years ahead are more important than retaining power.

Dr. Dexter Johnson Leader the BNP

You missed one, but that's OK. In time you will get to know us well. Visit us at www.bahamianationalparty.com and see the first real major departure from the Pingdomite era. A departure from the current PLP and FNM, based in a definite and explained Philosophy, pledged to smaller government,land reform, solution to immigration and true local government. Look for yourself. Doubt now and join us in time.

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