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December 04, 2005


The Bahamian Nationalist

There is merit in the Federation concept, as part of a general republican approach to the political and administrative organization of the Bahamas.
The devil will be in the detail however. A serious problem at present is the impression in some islands that their revenue is only serving the needs of Nassau, and little is being used to provide necessary services in the very islands which generate the revenue. This has to be addressed.
If local government was really made effective, this would assist the transition to a Federal system.
More education on this point is needed, indeed there ought to be a course in Bahamian high schools dealing with the constitution, rights, and government generally, local government in particular.
Like all good ideas, proper groundwork is needed, but the power hungry polititians of this Bahamas, who like to be known as maximum leaders are not statesmen enough to consider this concept. They would loose too much power in a Federation of Islands. So Ms. Bethel would have to wait for the political culture to change, or get active and help the Nationalist, and others of like mind, to change it!

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