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December 04, 2005


Daniel J Pajak

So many critical historical documents have been lost over the centuries. From the burning of the ancient Library of Alexendria to the perported destroying of records by the next emporer of China after the one who sent the fleets mentioned by Menzies in his book. We must always keep some healthy skepticism, but we must also search tirelessly for the truth. . . for accomplishments of those that went before us now burried in history. I don't subscribe to the existence of Atlantis or aliens landing on earth and being responsible for the Nazca Lines of Peru and the Egyptian pyramids. But I am humbled when I think about possible lost civiliations. There is someone who is carrying out underwater archaelogy in Japan, India, the Carribean, and the Mediterranean looking for evidence of advanced cultures who built intrigueing societies that were wiped out by rising oceans at the end of the last ice age. My advice, keep looking. Don't jump to believe; but follow wherever the evidence takes you.

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