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January 18, 2006


Chris Armaly

In regard to your statements regarding why there are no white public officers, teachers etc. (which I believe you were quoting a 3rd party) the answer is quite simple: 1) Any white straw vendor or hotel worker will be ostracized. Every second word will be..."hey white boy", "white boy do dis and do dat." I know this for a fact as my sister attempted to work for the largest investor in the Bahamas and endured this treatment until she had to quit 60 days later due to constant racial verbal abuse.
2) I believe we all know that the expat teacher was all but eliminated 3 administrations ago in the public school sector. We now have the "blind leading the blind" as some of today's teachers couldn't teach a potcake. If that ideology is to change does anyone honestly believe that any qualified educated teacher will entertain the gang ridden public school arena?
3) Not just white Bahamians, but educated Bahamians in general refuse to throw their careers down the toilet by joining some inefficient corrupt government ministry.
4) Should one actually lose a few brain cells and decide to pursue a career in government, they will remain at the bottom and will never be promoted as it won't be politically favourable. It is and has never been about how one can do good for or better the country as a whole, it always comes down to race.

Very sad yes, but the hard core reality.

R. Lightbourn

You took on a tough subject, and "told it like it is."



Your article is really first class- right on the spot. Actually, most weeks your articles are the only thing that I read.

I am lucky. We get invited to quite a few homes of black Bahamians - most with mixed marriages but some both black couples. They seem to agree with what you is saying.

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