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January 17, 2006


michael hepburn

surely true historical search will show that sir randol was indeed the cataclysmic force in the great bahamian revolution.it was more than just his decision to not side with the ubp!who was first called the bahamas' black moses?who was exiled for love of country?who was falsely jailed under sedition charges?who first activated the ideal of independence?labor day;prepared the pathway forsocial and economic revolution?let's teach a balanced history to our youth and generations yet enborn.sir randol was rightly so first hailed as:the father of our nation!


Yes I agree, he was a great Bahamian.

We have to right our right and wrong our wrongs.

Miss Him and Sir Ping.


Congrats to Dame Lady Pindling she deserves the Medal. Salute!
We as Bahamians Have to Honor and respect Our Own.
You Go Girl You Bahamian Queen.
My respects to The Rt. Hon. Sir. Ping he Was one of a kind, Honor, Respect and Dignity.
Great party (s) Produce
"great fruit." Fact look at The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie A smart strong Giant of a man, savvy Politicion and forever clever thats My Prime Minister.
Love you Sir Nuff respect.

Bahamian Ameriacn 100%
Registered Voter.


Love you Sir. Pindling-Lady Dame Pindling.

Love you RT. Hon.Perry G. Christie
Lady Christie.

We Miss you too Minister Sahne Gibson we will put you back into Power, for sure!

PLP all the way!

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