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January 25, 2006


Edward Taylor, fisheries inspector

I noted with interest your commentary in the Tribune on January 25 2006 discussing the Ban on Nassau grouper and the benefits of marine reserves in The Bahamas.

However, I wish to point out that the ban issued by the Department of Fisheries relates to Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus) only and not other species of grouper such as Yellowfin grouper; Black grouper; Gag grouper; Scamp grouper; Misty grouper and Red grouper.

During the Ban from December 13 2005 to February 12 2006 it is illegal to take, land, possess, sell and offer for sale the Nassau grouper. However, it is not illegal to take, land, possess, sell and offer for sale the remaining species of grouper mentioned above.

I felt this fact need to be clarified in your commentary.

Keep up the good work,

Nick Nuttall

Well written Larry. If only some person in power would pay attention. Sometimes - and many thanks for the 'tireless" compliment = I get very tired of banging my bald pate against apathy and indifference.

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