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February 08, 2006


john dunkley

As usual a very good article.

You bring into reality the fact that we have a National Health Scheme through our Public hospital and clinic facilities. To introduce NHI would increase demand for services far beyond what is currently required and what may be projected.

One only has to look at the frequent and often unnecessary use of the clinics under co-pay plans of private schemes to see how the demand for NHI would dramatically increase.

Maybe NHI is a way to fund the receivables of PMH?

Joan Thompson

Great article.

Doctor's Hospital has been around a long time. They no doubt have their ups and downs financially, but their "for profit" principle enables them to offer services not provided by PMH.

In earlier years, a group of Bahamian - and foreign doctors - mostly English, well trained physicians, tried to start up private hospital care -in competition with Doctors Hospital. I believe they had arranged for capitalization of the facility.

Although it is all history now, the reasons we do not have more private facilities has to do with government intervention.

With the Blue Ribbon "Scheme" - there will be 100% intervention. Bless us and save us


I thought the article left a lot to be desired...it wasn't meaty enough, you just grazed the surface. But good start nonetheless.

larry smith

Wow. That's refreshing. Usually people complain about my long-windedness.


what can I say...your always trying to tell a story :-o

Dr. Dexter Johnson Leader the BNP

As a medicolegal specialist with a distinction Masters in Medical law, I have studied the Bahamian Medical position since 1975 in more depth than perhaps any Bahamian. Recent Union Health Care Plan studies and group assessment at UKC establish the cost of this Health plan at between 365 to 550 dollars per taxable adult, depending on if you want a non-comprehensive as opposed to a comprehensive plan.
I have spoken on this issue in the National media. These figures will prove to be correct, and this Health Tax will prove to be the single worst financial measure of the post independence era. If the PLP are returned they will implement this bottomless pit of a tax. The BNP will have to undo it when elected.
see www.bahamianationalparty.com for more.

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