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February 06, 2006



A very interesting report by the IMF on "Brain Drain" has surfaced showing that between 1965 and 2000 The Bahamas has had 61%

of its college trained citizens emigrate, and 90% of these to the U.S.. On analyzing the groups who do not emigrate it is

obvious that perhaps more than 90% of Bahamians who graduate from U.S. Universities do not return home. Considering that U.S.

trained graduates are more likely to have the kind of training, experience, and exposure that the Bahamas needs to be

competitive, these are devastating statistics for the future competiveness of the Bahamas. Futher, the study shows that

unlike other Caribbean countries the ratio of those leaving with tertiary education versus those with only secondary

education is extremely high. In other words the Bahamas has a much higher percentage of its lesser trained citizens that do

not emigrate. What this tells us is that the talent pool in the Bahamas is very thin. despite all the hoopla about the

potential for progress, it is obvious that these sytatistics show that in the competitive global environment the Bahamas will

continue to have very serious problems competing in the major leagues with only minor league talent. It's only common sense,

and the govt has been advised of this in great detail but has made no movement to attempt to address it.

This study supports the claims that Dr. B.J. Nottage and others have been making that our greatest resource for development

may be harnessing the talents of these expatriate Bahamians. While these individuals cannot be expected to return home Dr.

Nottage proposed in his "Bring It Home Initiative" that the govt develop a structured organized approach to harnessing the

talents of this group. Other countries are doing it.

Hopefully now that he is in the governing party some of his excellent ideas can be put in play. The full report can be read

at http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2006/wp0625.pdf

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