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February 15, 2006


The Bahamian Nationalist

I agree with this article in toto!
In 2001-2002 during specific studies in Medical Law, leading to a distinction LLM, I was able to have a UK Medical think tank at the University I attended crunch the Numbers for the Bahamas. The conclusion was that it would be a ruinous system to implement a tax based National Health Service. But I have long ago learned that Local wisdom counts for exactly Zero. This time the Bahamas is going to have to learn the hard way, and it will be left for persons like The Nationalist to put the system back together after this PLP crew ruins it completely. I just hope that private insurance is not completely driven out by that time. We were making serious progress in the country with the development of a combination public/private sector health system, precisely tailored to our needs. The Unions were proceeding with their own composite plan, which would have moved things along nicely. Government's intrusion into this area has derailed all the progress made in the last Ten Years. This is sure to cause a reluctance in future for the private sector to risk its capital in health physical plant and systems. But no-one can derail this train since Mr. Christie thinks that this is HIS LEGACY! It is the last of the original socialist dreams of the first PLP think tank. It was flawed then and it is fatally flawed now, but it will take a devalued bahamian dollar to get the point home. As for efficiency, if government was ever interested truly in health care I would still be practicing Surgery!I became a political activist in 1975 due to the PLP neglect of health. I will die as an activist for a proper health system, if a serious government does not take charge. But this bogus excuse for an income tax is NOT IT by a long shot!


this is the "meat" I was looking for. Good on ya!

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