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February 08, 2006


The Bahamian Nationalist

The real impediment left us by colonialism is in the minds of those who refuse to change significantly the system handed to us when the colonials left the ship. This Westminister export model constitution corrupts all polititians who take power under it into little more than Constitutional Dictators, who micromanage every aspect of the country's life! Every significant appointment, every public sector job comes into their jaundiced and power saturated view! This constitution is rooted in property over people, and is a serious impediment to the true expression of any previously colonial dominated people.
We are forced to continue to swear loyalty to a Queen, who was and is the leader of the imperials. By a legal fiction this Queen is supposed to be 'our 'queen. Our best feel that they have reached if they are tossed a kinghthood, the lowest level on the Chivalry ladder. We should long ago have jettisoned this constitution and created an administrative system rooted and grounded in people. In today's world there is no wonder that materialism has taken over, it is simply a continuation of a system grounded in property instead of in people. While we no longer have a 'property' vote, there is still the impression that a rich man is somehow entitled to be a political leader simply due to his money. This is a continuation of the colonial mentality where property counted more than people.
So Imperialism is still here, perpetuated in our constitution where your fundamental rights can be changed far easier than the Queen removed.
So all who sport knighthoods as badges of having reached, know this: in time that will all be history, and that time cannot be too soon. If for this alone, Arthur D. Hanna has always been streets and ladders over all the early Bahamian liberation leaders.
His refusal to take these trappings, and his Bahamianisation policy mark him as a true Nationalist. I trust that he does not depart from this in his latter years, as in time History will place him at the very top of the Heroes of the Bahamas list!

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