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March 29, 2006



the last paragraph...you can say that again!

Gavin Collins

Great column. Very informative and the position was
very well presented.

Rick Lowe

Great article as usual.

This post might be of interest?


interesting and insightful article. disagree on some points.Dare you to tell some iraqui civilians that america nourishes them while it feeds on their oil, or some haitians that america was serving them by having the CIA undermine their democartically elected leader? The 'exceptional circumstances' of cuba serve the interests of neither country and reflect stubborn grudes rather than concern for human rights. you yourself say the U.S does not act altruisticly but in a self serving manner. even if in some intances U.S and international interests are united,there is not garuntee they always will be. In The Bahamas we are somewhat sheltered from the devestating impact the U.S has on other countries.We dont see truly deep poverty found in other developing countries, that is directly due to bogus trade policies in the U.S and Europe.The Fact is that U.S and world interests dont seem to be harmonising but becoming increasingly disparate!

larry smith

I fail to see how any state's energy requirements can be seen as sinister. What about Chinese efforts to secure energy resources? Is there, as a BBC correspondent recently reported, a "middle kingdom master plan to control the world?"

Is deep poverty and underdevelopment a consequence of liberal economic and political policies, or just the opposite?

In a world with almost 200 states and myriad problems and issues, how can there ever be rigid consistencies in policy application?

And which country or bloc would you rather have supporting our global infrastructure? It all boils down to what kind of society you would prefer to live in.

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