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March 21, 2006


drew Roberts


Well put!

We always seem to do things (especially the big things?) without enough public discussion/debate.

all the best,


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Prosperous Future with prudency


Your continual bashing of the PLP's efforts to improve an ecomomic life style of Family Island inhabitants is curious. Have you researched the actual available undeveloped Land in the Bahamian archipelago, and what percentage is left undveloped? Why would you bash either FNM or PLP for any development that feeds funds to the family Island Bahamians who live a life style you may not accept for your self, I recognize you live in Nassau at a certain standard and do not mean to presumptuous as to your way of life but would you suffer through a bad lobster season and not provide all to your family you desired. Second Family homes construct at a slow place in the Family Islands. What you in your bashing of the government should be concerned that all the foreign land owners pay the appropriate real estate taxes, they well could afford to pay. I would like your quantitive answer as to how much undeveloped land in proportion to developed land exists in the Bahamas by percentage so we all can understand your position. Please advise us less informed individuals your source of data. This informative data will help all Bahamians in there decision making process with respect to development or over development as you state.

larry smith

As is plain from the byline, this article was written by Sir Arthur Foulkes - not "Mr Smith". However, more information on this issue is provided in articles that I have written on this site.



What I want to know as a young Bahamian, which government office I would have to visit to inquire about crown land for sale.

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