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April 25, 2006



Sir Arthur

I sympathise with your lamentation on man’s confounding and unending march of folly.
However, I think you risk misleading your readers by implying a linear relationship between Bush’s march into Bagdad and his (indeed mankind’s) refusal to act to avert the purported looming environmental catastrophe of global warming. Because, with all due respect to Mr Juniper, where “popular consensus about climate change” might exist in England, no such consensus exists in the United States.

And, even though it’s fashionable to lampoon him on this issue, at least Bush has articulated his reasons for not siding with the alarmists on global warming. Moreover, he has support for his position (i.e., refusing to submit the Kyoto Protocol to the Senate for ratification) from such notable scientists as Dr. Fred Singer, Dr. Patrick Michaels, Dr. Robert Balling, or Dr. Lindzen (all of whom argue rather persuasively that scientific data show “statistically significant global cooling over the past 18 years”).

Whereas, his predecessor Clinton – who professed common cause with them – himself refused to support ratification of the protocol to deal with this problem that supposedly has Earth in the Balance. And even more disingenuous in this respect was his VP, Al Gore, the author of the bible on global warming alluded to, who – after the US Senate voted 95-0 not to sign the protocol – expressed most adamant concerns about the impact it would have on the US economy.

Perhaps it’s just another example of man’s folly that the two most powerful men in America, if not the world - who also happened to be two of the planet’s most informed people about global warming - did nothing during their 8 years in power to deal with this problem. Nonetheless, although I agree with you that we should be better caretakers of our environment, I am not at all convinced that “global warming” is anything more than a cyclical natural phenomenon.

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