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April 04, 2006


drew Roberts

"Instead, I want to talk about hate itself. I want to talk about it because in all our conversations — on the radio, in the newspapers, in the street, and, apparently, in the church — that is one thing that we don’t seem to talk about much. We say many things are taboo — homosexuality, godlessness, sin, and too much mixing with foreign elements for starters. The one thing we don’t seem to think is taboo is hate."

Nico, you have hit a nail on the head here, although, there really are other things that are not touched.

I have heard many talk against drunkeness but few against gluttony for instance.

Shall we talk greed? That is almost a virtue these days.

You mention hatred for foreigners. Seems the order of the day should be special treatment of those that sojourn amoung us.

As to the prison, that is sick. I am ok I think, until I think further perhaps, with people sent up to experience the hardest manual labour in their life while encarcerated, BUT, people should have HUMANE treatment, clean conditions, healthy food, no fear of abuse by other prisoners or by their guards. (I think there might be less pulling of strings if this were the case.)

Truly, whites and blacks alike (and any other relevant colours) need to come to terms with:

"In those days they will not say again, 'The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge.'"

It is obvious that this is not always the easiest thing to do.

I could go on, but enough for one post.

all the best,


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andrew allen

Let's look at what christianity does, not at what it says.

It justified enslavement, ignorance, domination and the stigmatisation and elimination of other thought systems.

While it talks a pretty talk, it is far from unique in this regard among religions.

Where it is unique (along, perhaps, with Islam) is in its ability to convert its victims into its loudest apologists.

All in all, I would say the many ugly sides to modern Bahamian society mark us as a qiuntessentially "christian" society, though (as you may guess) this distinction carries no positive connotations or presumptions for me.

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