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April 18, 2006



Sir Arthur

This is a very daring and instructive article. Because it not only punctures the fatuous protestations of leaders who use the name of the Lord in vain to co-opt support amongst gullible people of faith, but also challenges these religious people to appreciate that not all leaders who claim a divine mandate are professing the blessings of the Almighty God. After all, Satan is a Liar.

Now, Sir Arthur, if you could only get a few honest preachers to share this revelation with their congregations, I think our leaders would be more inclined to speak truth to people of faith instead of sounding off like false prophets….


Excellent post.

An incredible illumination in my mind of why church and state should fundamentally remain separate.


Sir Arthur are you sensitive to the "majority" of illegal immigrant's plight in this country because your mother was a non-Bahamian herself?

andrew allen

I do not get that last comment, sal! Insofar as it pretends to represent a pro-Bahamian stance on immigration it is way off the mark. Who among us is not of non-Bahamian stock?

If you mean to insinuate that sympathy with the plight of immigrants is evidence of non-Bahamianism, then you have missed not only sir arthur's point, but the basic fundamentals of patriotism.


Thanks Andrew! Let me say to Sal though that I am sensitive to all the wretched of this earth and when Jesus comes I want Him to say to me: "I was an immigrant in your country, as I was in Egypt when Herod wanted to kill me two thousand years ago, and you defended by dignity as a human being and a child of our Father!"


The lack of separation of church and state which the current govt has embraced, combined with the inherent lack of seperation of powers in the Bahamian System of government spells doom for the country in the long run.

These fundamental faults in the system as it exists is what consistently drives talented Bahamians out of the system and helps contribute to our prodious brain drain problem.

How will we be globally competitive in such a situation?
Current Govt has taken the church

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