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April 12, 2006



This is propaganda nonsense from the US government. All this lip-service about how the UN should be this and that, when they were abruptly slapped in the face by the Bush administration with the start of the war, going against the global agenda? Sorry, I'm not sold.

The US should have had sanctions imposed on them for the complete disregard and disrespect they showed towards the UN with their actions. Had any other country on this planet, done what they did, Washington would have been raising hell to impose sanctions.

Just another media blitz to make it seems as if the US actually is 'concerned' about something else other than the oil and money lining the pockets of the politicians. How do people swallow this rubbish so willingly? One of my parents is an American, so I feel as though it is my duty to cry out when my own government is trying to rape it's people and the rest of the world, of it's rights.

larry Smith

I thought this was a balanced discussion of the context.

It's unfortunate that the US has such crass concerns - unlike other countries.

See the recent post on the context of Condoleeza Rice's visit to Nassau.


Oh yes, the post is a very balanced discussion of the context, I just don't buy into the attitude of genuine concern that the U.S.A. is trying to communicate.

What makes this situation brim over with hypocrisy, is that the US government refuses to take nuclear action, off the list of options for dealing with Iran. All while professing to be concerned about reforming the UN and it's mission dealing with human rights...

Am I missing something here?

Again, I am not sold and I refuse to believe ANY kind of political 'talk' by the U.S.A. until their fundamental values behind their physical actions are aligned with the gospel they seem to be professing to everyone else.


One more thing...

To me, it is nothing more than an 'insult' to our interests as a country, when the secretary of state for the U.S.A. flies down (for the first time, since...wait for the first time ever) for a '30 minute' conversation with our national leaders.

larry Smith

well actually she didn't fly down to see our national leaders. It was a meeting with caricom. And I am told that as these things go, the time allotted was appropriate - most of the prep is done in advance.


30 minutes? If so much of the prep is done in advance, and with all of this video conferencing technology...it's still feasible to fly somewhere to talk for 30 minutes?

I understand your point and in no way invalidate your sources of information of course, but I am still not sold.

larry Smith

I think you must be referring to the separate courtesy call she made on our PM during her visit.

andrew allen

As the US remains the most significant threat to the "human rights" it constantly publicly espouses (in order to justify its imperialism), it is diffucult to take seriously anything that comes from its diplomats regarding the UN.


The deeper questions remain: Is it simply because of funding that no national leaders will speak up to such a blatant contrast within the American government agenda? Why does the world stay quiet and still ceremonially roll out the red carpet with sealed lips, whenever 'talks' or 'forums' of the sort are initiated?

Why does the global political community, pretend as if this fodder-like dog and pony media show is not happening?

Why is it that no nation has the backbone to openly criticize the United States on the open media floor of any house, or meeting?

Rick Lowe

You always seem so hypercritical of the United States while giving ourselves and Cuba a pass.
In other words it appears you make excuses for our failures but not theirs.
Why is that?
Or am I wrong?

andrew allen

actually, I certainly do not give us a pass. But I do question to what extent there is yet an "us" to either credit or criticise.

As an entity evolving out of a colonialist past, there are many directions we can take. We cannot claim (as the US does) to stand for anything unequivocally yet.

Yes, there are failures and successes. There are wrong turns, missed opportunities etc. I comment on these all the time.

But our overriding pitfall would, in my opinion, would be to fall into the blunder of becoming either an uncritical clone of our closest, most influential neighbour or to give its propaganda the kind of merit that even educated people in obsequious old england dismiss as laughable.

The US has a failed, uncritical and compliant media that is fundamentally corrupt and owned by rich interest groups. Its masses are lulled into an incredible ignorance about the world and are therefore unwitting putty for the manipulative political interest that control them. Brainwash propaganda and oversimplification of issues are routinely used to ill effect by sinister interest groups, be they apologists for israeli terrorism or cuban american politicians.

That kind of situation does not simply correct itself, especially in an atmosphere of free markets and low public investment. So right-thinking non-Americans must hope that the intervention of a more responsible and patriotic leadership at all levels of American society will help to bring it into line. But it is really not our business. Just as it is not our business what Cuba does internally.

What IS our business is to ensure that we are not sucked into it. Replaying the cold war or reviving hostility to china or cuba based on some moronic miami politicians' irresponsible hogwash is not in the interests of The Bahamas.

Neither is playing to the US' manipulative and cynical use of international bodies, while it commits the most egregious breaches of international law taking place today.

We know that undermining UN bodies (and disguising the exercise as an attempt at "reform") is a favourite tactic of the current administration. We should not give such tactics a veneer of legitimacy by humoring the politicians who propose them.


"What IS our business is to ensure that we are not sucked into it. Replaying the cold war or reviving hostility to china or cuba based on some moronic miami politicians' irresponsible hogwash is not in the interests of The Bahamas."

Well stated. How do we go about this? What methods can we employ as a nation responsible for the political awareness of it's own people, to ensure that our society is not 'hood-winked' (so-to-speak) into swallowing this trash?

The stronghold of American based tourism, also scares a lot of Bahamians in political positions, into not speaking out against actions of the U.S., what are some of your ideas on ways to change this?

I think, one good step is to strengthen our relationship with countries like Cuba, based on our own initiative and guideline of morality, not on what guidelines of the U.S. dictate and despite their opinion of it (as long as it is within play of international law of course). So far, I think we're doing a good job of that..

What else do you feel, we can do with respect to such issues?

Rick Lowe

Dear Andrew:
It is you that implies people think America is perfect. That is far from what has been stated.
Personally, I do not agree with the war and "state building".
However, I do see America as better for the individual than Cuba or China. And you have agreed with me on this point, unless I am mistaken.
We do not want to get sucked into supporting Cuba or China with their ideas either wouldn't you say?

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