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May 31, 2006


Will Simmons

Thank you oh thank you!This issue is so overlooked and sooooooo important!One other thing is that many of the foreign investors see the cracks and disfunctions in our system and exploit them. In Harbour Island they are planning to start construction without approval.People continue without running water while Valentines marina applies the finishing touches to its new swimming pool.Dont let me start about roads and Traffic.This large scale development nonsense does nothing but increase our dependance and vulnerability by taking the tourist industry way beyond local control. Prime Minister Christie fix our school, equip our clinic,help us beautify our park, arrange low interest loans to Bahamians to start family bussinesses, any thing but these condos built by speculating gangsters who couldnt get permission in America so came crawling to us. Guana Cay,Bimini keep fighting, together our voices are louder!

Barabara Malone

Point of clarification.....Elbow Cay voted 58 Yes and 38 No.....the measure was defeated by Great Guana Cay and Man O War Cay.

jim P.

Who is the legitimate investor ? and what part of the island are they developing in Rum Cay .

"There are similar stirrings on Rum Cay too, where another legitimate investor is about to begin a major project as the rest of the island is being carved up by a bevy of questionable land speculators represented by politically-connected Nassau lawyers (on both sides of the fence).


The following is some text from a commentor on another blog that deals with the govt's plans as raised by a govt supporter.

"In other words, open your eyes and look at what real estate developers do in their own countries. Why do you think they want to develop real estate in your country. Has anyone in the bahamas ever looked at the complexity of the laws and the systems governing real estate developments in first world countries. laws and systems that protect the environment, the purchasers, the local citizenry, the contrators and subcontractors and vendors etc.

What about satuartion of the market, do you really believe that if all these developments come about their will be full occupancy. Are they going to compete with each other.

Come on now don't let folks sell you on this pie in the sky stuff. wake up. Thes deals are really just for the governing class to make some quick money.

Tell the govt to invest in some real, true productive type of enterprises that will bring in true foreign exchange.

Stop making the Bahamas the laughing stock of the world where anyone with a slick idea can come in and make some quick money.

Get productive, why is it that jamaicans for example can own major hotels in the Bahamas an Bahamians cannot.

What is the bahamas really doing to help bahamainas enter that class of productive entrepreneurship so you can control your destiny.

come on now wake up. stop letting others laugh at you and stop believing in a govt that's following a disasterous and laughable policy for economic development based totally on foreign ownership and giveaway of your greatest asset. Come on have some pride."


Some more commentarty from the other blog on the same issue.

"Sugar coating govt pronouncements are just not enough, reality will always surface. bahamians need to be proud when others ask us what productive enterprise do you have in your country? Do you own any of the major businesses in your country or major industries? what have you done as a country that has been productive to world progress. these are the kind of questions we need to be able to answer proudly."

Speaking about the scramble to sell off land in Rum Cay and other places and the "Get something for nothing" attitude in the Bahamas, looking to rely solely on the foreign investor see another comment from the same discussion.

"The Bahamas and Bahamians have always had a problem with productive enterprise. We at first were pirates, then we contrived laws to help tax evaders, money launderers and criminals in financial services.

Typically the way to make money or get rich in the Bahamas has always been to ride on the back of a foreigner who came in with money or front for him and get a piece of the action, usually the dregs. This "parasitic" economic activity has been our traditional hope and practice for individual riches and success.

Now the govt has taken it a step further. In their desperation, laziness and lack of talent they have contrived a policy of "economic prostitution" to sell off at dirt cheap prices, with atrocious deal making, the best and perhaps only assets the country has. All for a quick buck.

Just like the oldest profession known to man, when you want to find a way to make easy money, and not work productively for it you look around for the easiest thing you have to sell cheap and easy, and there you have it.

Sadly "Parasitic economics" and "economic prostitution" will always spell "lack of production", which also says "lack of competitiveness". Other more talented and production oriented people in the world see this and see your plight. They will take advantage of it and of you. If this is our course and position in the global economy then anyone with any foresight can see what's coming.

However if we want it quick and easy and don't want to work for it.... then what can you say ...go for it!"

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