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June 14, 2006


Joan Thompson

Your article today is great coverage of Mr. Flores' speech.
It contributes to spreading the good news about capitalism and freedom - i.e. libertarian principles.

Mr. Flores identified the crucial principles for free & prosperous countries which he courageously put into practise in El Salvador.

Simultaneously Felix Wilson has launched a media campaign promoting socialist ideology, expounding on the alleged success of the Cuban model. Comparing the two countries makes for an astounding contrast of outcomes. What a lesson!!!

The El Salvador story could not have come at a better time as it refutes the "blame the USA" propaganda of the socialist ideologues.

Bringing this about took The Nassau Institute and the Atlas Foundation - two organizations engaged in the "war of ideas" , to demonstrate the effects of libertarian principles, individualism and freedom.

We are pleased that you and others could speak with Mr. Flores

that was beautiful! but think its still Amherst College it's a good school, prestigious in fact

can we say deja vu? we must take a lesson to their experience before its too late! was the program taped? can we see it on ZNS on at the NI website?


Sorry I missed the conference, and that presentation must have been impressive. In reading your summary I had to remind myself more than once that it was El Salvador, not the Bahamas that Mr Flores was referring to.
But Oh my, the socioeconomic similarities!

Rick Lowe

We, the Nassau Institute, should have audio CD's available for purchase in a week or so and some of the speeches will be on our web site over the next few weeks.

Adrian Gibson, Tribune Columnist

Interesting column Larry. Maybe we here in the Bahamas should consider firing 1/5 of our police force because corruption and incidents of police involved crimes is on the rise.
A question: How do set up a blog such as this? Is a fee involved?


I'm afraid that by just believing Flores' self-serving attempts to make his record look good, you have failed to note some well-documented facts.

First -- it is simply flat wrong to say that crime hit an all time low in El Salvador. The crime rate rose steadily under Flores and his successor Tony Saca until El Salvador now has the highest murder rate in the Western Hemisphere.

Second -- economists agree that poverty reduction in El Salvador has come from only one source -- the remittances sent back to the country by Salvadorans living abroad, primarily in the United States. It has been the failure of the ARENA government economic policies which has led millions of Salvadorans to emigrate, legally and illegally, because of the lack of economic opportunity in the country.

Third -- for the past several years, El Salvador has had one of the lowest economic growth rates in Latin America. Hardly a model of economic success.

Fourth -- I'm not sure where you get Flores' approval rating. He was, in fact, highly unpoppular at the end of his term for his mishandling of a strike of healthcare workers who were protesting Flores' plans to privatize the healthcare delivery system.

Flores has been going around making these speeches to people who do not check his facts. It's a shame when they get republished in a column like this.

Rick Lowe

Obviously problems remain in El Salvador, and they will for many years to come. A country does not go from civil war to absolute tranquilty in a few short years.
The lesson I came away with from Flores, was how far the country had come in a short period of time by following the pri nciples he outlined: Responsibility, Vision, a new Political Ethic & Patriotism

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