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June 01, 2006


absolutely ridiculous

why hasnt the Bahamas govt stepped in and voided all these nefarious claims...in America if you dont pay your property taxes you loose your land!

Bahamian Ebloggy

This is who created the fake website:

Rum Cay
208 Hillcrest Ridge
Canton, Georgia 30115-4216
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 26-Nov-05
Expires on: 27-Nov-06
Last Updated on: 29-Nov-05

Administrative Contact:
Cay, Rum [email protected]
208 Hillcrest Ridge
Canton, Georgia 30115-4216
United States
(404) 538-6604

Technical Contact:
Cay, Rum [email protected]
208 Hillcrest Ridge
Canton, Georgia 30115-4216
United States
(404) 538-6604

Ted Adams

I own a lot on the east side of the Island. I plan to retire there. I have read your Effie klnowles article and it seems to be a good representation of the facts as far as I can surmise.

But I feel you are wrong that you call www.effieknowles.com a fake site because it has true facts in it... nothing more or nothing less.

By the way, I may not agree with some of the articles on your web site, but I still enjoy reading them, it is better than reading the Guardian.

As for Davis, not sure who is in the right or wrong. I do know that Effie Knowles is the true crook in all this. Others who follow I leave to time to decide if they join her ranks of crookhood.

larry smith

I say it is a fake site because (a) it is completely anonymous, (b) it has infringed my copyright by republishing my work without permission, (c) the above posting has elicited several insulting and overly aggressive messages, and (d) the site is clearly a diversionary tactic.

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