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June 02, 2006


Adrian Gibson, Tribune Columnist

I'm all about freedom of expression...and freedom of choice. Any limitations of these freedoms is undemocratic...why tell me what to and what not to watch? It will then only heighten my curiosity as to why you wish that I not see a film. In the case of Brokeback Mountain, many more people have seen it and acquired dvds/videos than may have previously, if all the hoopla about its showing had never come about.
Good one Nicolette!


1. Constitutional reform (we are still sadly the only country in this hemisphere without equality between the sexes for goodness sake!)
2. Legislative reform (where to begin?!?)
3.International Covenant on Civil and Politial Rights 1966 (Bahamas needs to sign it! I just hate it when our human rights record looks worse than Libya!)

Three points to remember before casting your next vote. Then Bahamians can go directly to the UN Human Rights Committee the next time someone decides what our 'morals' should and shouldn't be.

Apparently 'human rights' are more of a threat and evil to Bahamian society than 'homosexuality'. Hmmm... how am I supposed to explain this to my 8 year old niece standing next to me?

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