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July 04, 2006


Carl Cleveland

I must respond to Sir Arthur's article and the opinions of others who have written to the editor concerning America/Iraq and her other problems.

I suggest very strongly you take a serious look at your own country's serious problems.

In contrast to the Bahamas, those parties who participated in the prisoner abuse in Iraq were prosecuted and are serving lengthy sentences in a US military prison. What about the felonious assault on Mario Vallejo the news reporter from Univision at the detention center? We have heard nothing of that.What about the abuse of the 2 prisoners at the prison after the escape captured on a cell phone camera? What about the conditions at your squalid detention center captured internationally after the mishandling of the 2 Cuban dentists?There have been several reports of abuse at both the prison and the detention center;But non have been investigated.

How about your public school education mess?F+ is something to be ashamed of and will not be addressed properly.

Your crime rate is escalating at an alarming rate.Much of this is the result of the failed public school mess.My father came here in the 50s and 60s and there was not the crime there is today.By the way our crime rate has come down dramatically. A bahamian was on ch 12 last night and I heard her lamenting as to the out of control crime rate and she also drew comparisons to the 50 and 60's. Maybe this crime rate is symbolic of a government who spends 3.5 million on an airplane and it's pilots cannot fly it since their on the US "stop list". No wonder they are sobbing and moaning over Mr. Rumsfeld's decision to pull the air assets from here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.Why don't you have the Chinese forgo the propaganda sports stadium and redirect the monies for education.The last thing the Bahamas need in any more emphasis on sports, while the education system fails and crime escalates.

This is far fom a complete list.I strongly suggest Bahamians "look under your own hood"and recognize your own serious problems.It's tough to critize the most successful 230 year old "experiment" in the history of mankind and you should enjoy our success as you have greatly benefited from it.I think many Bahamians forget that.


I must commend Sir Arthur Foulkes for his balanced, intelligent commentary on the political and cultural condition of the Unites States. He is insightful to point out that America, now the world's leader in many arenas, has made some regrettable blunders in recent times. His commentary is, however, not without praise for this great Nation which has, as he points out, built an admirable democratic system supported by the rule of law, and has furthered the cause of scientific exploration.

Another reviewer who posted a harsh review of Sir Foulkes' commentary, siting the poor conditions in the Bahamas as justification for his hostility, seems to have missed the message of the commentary entirely. Sir Foulkes' comments were clearly not meant to be an inditement on America, but a balanced assesment of this nations progress. Anyone that imagines that America is, or has ever been, a peaceful, fun loving nation had better take a history course. America is, as is often pointed out by American politicians, the world's only super power. As such, America has a responsibility, not only to its citizens, but to the world community to use its power wisely. It can become, as Sir Foulkes commentary suggests, a shining beacon for the rest of the world to follow.

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