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August 23, 2006


Rick Lowe

The Nassau Institute has been advocating for years that all schools should be privatized.
Looks like we are right?
The main issue that the government misses is that our children, the people they claim to love so much, are the one's suffering when they get out into the workforce.

Etienne Christen

I believe that directly funding education to the fullest extent through the introduction of a national lottery or some other form of 'sensible' taxation is an excellent idea. Opening the possiblity of 'all solutions' to fix the Bahamian education system is vital, because what the politicians don't seem to understand is that if the Bahamas can fix education for at least a generation or two, then the whirlwind of benefit that would result would amaze everyone. The wealth of a nation is its people and in the information age, the people's education determines that wealth.


Fixing the D+ secondary school system is certainly important. But even more so is fixing the Brain Drain problem where most of those who become educated leave the Country to be run by a very small group of talented folks leading a large untalented group.

Those who become educated leave as quickly as they can and stay gone once they realized their talents are wasted in an economy and political system thats going no where.

This is our real problem.


Our country has been abusive towards our educational system for decades.I'am currently a student at a public institution.I went to a public shcool in Wartford,England for a year.Compared to ours its a joke,free excercise material is provided even workpads.Here the students are exposed to an array of educational wonders.There is even a Community college featured at the opposite end of the complex.The school features three art and dance studios.A gym,auditorium and a cafeteria.Even a technical library,compared to our schools you yourself can be the judge.While watching the news a few years back a lady quoted "if this school was a hotel it would have been finished long ago"The reason for this statement is because our government.Is way more concern for our guests than the residents which is terrible.The country the Bahamas idolizes has a complete education system.The problem we discuss is not a new one but its now time to finally do something about it.Today our college{COB}has to begin teaching its new students what the high schools are not doing.But perhaps Mr.Neil Sealey we have taken to much pity along the governments side.In todays Bahamian society the majority of residents wish to work for a major hotel.Yet the few that try to venture into there own buisness are in either tremendious debt or are about to be closed down.Why because the government is to concern catering to the major dealers.Our schools are like slave ships coming from Africa all they do is deliver slaves like they were instructed.I'am simply here making another soon to be ignored Bahamians are not meant to be slaves and its is sickening that a black nation even think about a thought so disrespectful towards our race.MY NAME IS ALVARDO BETHEL AND THREW ME THIS COUNTRY WILL FIND AWAY I'AM NOT A POLITCIAN I'AM TO YOUNG BUT REMEMBER MY NAME WITH THE HELP OF GOD I WILL REVOLUTIONIZE DIS CORRUPT AND CURSED SOCIRTY OF OURS.

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