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August 16, 2006


Charles Longfellow

Your article dissecting the dinosaur known as BTC was absolutely correct.

I hope you target next BEC, Bahamasair and the structure of the public education mis-managed mess. All government-controlled money-wasting dinosaurs.

In 2003 an offer of $130 million was made for 49% of BTC.This was well after the acquiring company withstood the criteria necessary by the FNM to be a candidate.This was also after the new partner had conducted it's own investigation(otherwise known as "due diligence") of BTC's financial soundness or lack thereof.

Subsequent to the audit and review an offer was put on the table and then soundly refuted by the new party in power;the PLP. After all, they had to reward the BTC voting constituency with some additional years of feeding the dinosaur.

Sad to say but it is true the Bahamas is just a "banana republic". The Bahamas,due to the largesse of the US, has the highest per capita income in the area but the the poorest cell service of any caribbean nation.

I am afraid nothing will change until the Bahamian taxpayer is sick and tired of paying hideously high cell rates (hidden tax) with no free nights,weekends or holidays and maybe change the party in power.

What is BTC afraid of? I would love to see how they would pan out against Sprint/Nextel if they were allowed in.

This country with all the supposed "brains at the top" does not comprehend the most basic Economic theory. That is the "Law of Comparative Advantage".

Of course BTC has fear of competition since what Indigo has done to their revenues as well as VOIP.

They will never get near the 130 million that was offered because of the dinosaur not moving in correct fashion. What is really galling is to see Minister Roberts gloat over the BTC profits which came off the backs of the Bahamian public and solely from the monoploized cellular profits. Then afterward to see them muck up the cellular service for several days with their same old tired excuses.

Etienne Christen

I hope that more people read this article, because you are absolutely 100% spot on with your analysis. There is a flow to technological advancements that cannot be stemmed. Government's continued obtuse and reactive stance will simply force Bahamians to get their communications illegally. The clarion call for privatisation must be heeded.

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