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August 30, 2006


Etienne Christen

Another excellent article. I have been a huge fan of Friedman's columns and books for several years now. I think that every high school student should be made to read 'The Lexus and the Olive Tree' and the 'The World is Flat' before leaving high school. Your application of his ideas to the Bahamian context is seamless and insightful - if only our politicians had an inkling. Their reactive mindset is as outmoded as the 70's fashions of that era. It is a brave new world now. The Bahamas has to choose between an idea of itself that resembles Switzerland, Singapore or Lichtenstein or one that resembles Haiti. Business as usual is a recipe for the latter.

robert dalbenas

Just a note to say I found your Tough Call article today a good one! Keep up the good work!

Ken Bobrosky

I enjoyed your opinions on globalisation and the future of the Bahamas. I think, however, that you are painting a far too optimistic picture of the Bahamian situation with regards to developing a 21st Century mentality.

I would suggest that they should first enter the 20th Century before beginning their ascent into the high speed, global world of 2006.

After living in the Bahamas for only one year, I have been astounded with the lack of direction, leadership, government accountability and vision or plans for the future. There are, needless to say, pages and pages of rhetoric, argument, finger pointing and laying blame, but very little in the way of concrete plans for improvement that include specific goals, specific timelines, and identification of accountables in any area.

The newspapers are filled with hollow words, politically expedient comment, and occassionally threats or warnings of dire consequences. To date, I have witnessed a regular cycle of events that seem to make media headlines as if they just came up on the newspaper rolodex.

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