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August 09, 2006



This was an exceptional piece...I honestly hope it has us thinking about some other means to grow our economy...it was a gut punch ...that dose of reality and clear thinking that some of us needed...thank you. Kind of intriguing how everyone all over the Carribbean is in a frenzy over a Cuba sans Fidel...

Say rely on the Americans...ask Fred Mitchell, though hopefully he wont be around to answer. ;)

Again, good reporting.

Vancas D. Williams

I am an 18 year old student. I found your article on Cuba rather interesting. We all know umbers don’t lie unless they are miscalculated, so I fell that we should fear the numbers that translates Cuba’s potential as a Caribbean powerhouse in the fields of agriculture and tourism. As a country with a capitalist economy, I feel that we should support Cuba's communist regime to prevent it from realizing its potential thus becoming a threat to the entire Caribbean region, and to keep our position as on of the worlds leading tourist sites. As a Diplomatic country we should also hold to our own political ideals whilst supporting a communist regime for our own financial security. My self being a diplomatic socialist at heart, I feel that there are a few lessons however that we can learn from Cuba, particularly in the fields of health care and education. By establishing political ties with Cuba and supporting its communist regime like the united stats has done on many occasions when maintaining theses types of alliances benefited them, I feel we should do the same.

larry smith

You present an interesting logic. And thanks for sharing it.

It starts from the position that cuba is a failure because of its communist system (and therefore it is in our interest to keep it so) and ends by asserting that cuba is superior because of its communist system (i.e. free social services).

The first part of your argument is perfectly valid - whether one agrees or not. The second is a value judgement that does not take account of the pros and cons (i.e. true costs).

Bahamians currently have free public health and education - but I assume you mean that Cubans have better quality services.

So then you have to look at what the trade-offs are - no free speech, no choice of leadership, no freedom of association, no travel, no luxury goods, no this, no that, no the other.

If you are happy with that trade-off, all well and good. At your age (and for many years after) I was a radical socialist, but events over the past half century have shown that the theory is not real. There are always costs. The trick is to find the right balance.

Supporting the Castro regime in our own interest - ah, you should suggest that policy formulation to our foreign minister. He may not have thought of it.

Barbados Free Press - Marcus Davidoff

Hello Larry

Thanks for the mention in your excellent piece.

We were sitting around the other day trying to decide how long Raul and communism will last after Fidel is burning in Hell. Tough call, but we don't see an "overnight" wall-coming-down scenario.

Our best guess right now... 9 months until Raul "retires" and the USA and Cuba start talking about transition. Worries? As always, the Cuban mafia comes home from abroad as happened with Russia.

But first... a great digging will commence. Since 1959, fathers have told sons who told their sons about the locations of the secret graves. The GPS project has already identified many for the day the digging starts... and once again, we will see visual evidence of the legacy that always follows failed communism.



John Smestad

Wonderful article on the upcoming emergence of a free Cuba.

It seems as thought the Bahamian Tourism dept is understating the impact when Cuba is once again going to be America's playground.

The silly notion that cuba is a "spanish speaking destination"is absolutely a statement which deny the facts.

Presently British,Canadian and Italians go there in great numbers as was reported in Mr.Smiths' article.The only reason the bahamas came of age was the embargo put on travel to Cuba which forced Americans to find the next closest location.

Make no mistake of what our present administration will do to assist and enable the Cuban people to once again have a demoncratic society. The President and his younger brother have a debt to the Cuban Americans for delivering Florida in past critical elections.

Keep in mind of how many Cuban Americans have prominent positions in both administrations. The president is very loyal to his friends and never turns his back on them. Castro has opened the door for some very interesting involvement in that communist infested country.

On the issue of real estate values in the Bahamas; when cuba opens up you will see a significant drop of value in medium and high end properties in the Bahamas. Also there will be a drop in the 86% of american tourism in the Bahamas.

The Bahamian tourism dept might continue to not see the upcoming problem; but it is there and will dramatically impact the country.


What ever happened to Harl Taylor when he beet that American woman?

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