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August 29, 2006



Well said Sir.
Mr Wilchcombe wishes to over simplify a very convoluted Agreement, complicated even in its original draft implementation and amendments. We have now departed so far from the original intent and plan that it now becomes a question of "where from here" as a witch hunt will only perpetuate the depression of the economy in freeport as teams of lawyers and investigators try to unravel the proverbial "bowl of spagetti" an action that could take the remaining 50 years of the agreement to understand and correct or redefine. Unfortunately most who would profess knowledge simply have their own agendas, and have not done the research. The panelists at the recent town meeting are no exception.
Town meetings are in practice vent sessions for licensees to detail wrong doings real or imagined done to them by the lords of the principality.
To butcher Churchills words
"Never before in the annals of human misadventure has so little been known by so many wilst so few profited"
One good effect however is the drippings of fact that are leaking out in respect of the past doings and slight of hand parlour tricks that have quite possibly defrauded a significant number of Bahamian people of our potential at the very least.
This will I believe become an election issue for Grand Bahamians yet both political parties will cringe in fear of evidence of complicity.

Prosperous Future with prudency

Mr Foulkes,

Why is it you at every juncture you take take aim at what you deem the current government's has caused the failure, are you an impartial journalist/commentator or a prime supporter of the FNM, can you speak affirmatively about the progress of the Bahamas overall, I as an outsider see this amazing socioeconomic 34 year evolutionary advancement of a tiny populus scattered about as many specs of dust in the ocean. I observe bickering amongst intellects, bickering between the greed driven individuals and special interest goups, I feel the angst of young Bahamians with no oppotunity after receiving higher education, then left with the resolve to aspire their goals in other Nations where advancement exists. Where is your positive influence? People will gain far more respect for you by espousing less venomous attacks and utilizing your intelligence for constructive purposes. The Bahamas is a young Nation that needs all the bright parties of their Country to rise up and input helpful, and insightful ideas. The FNM is no better than the PLP and vice versa. New Boss same as the old Boss. You can point to all the bad both Political Parties have done, simply by the wealth of the people ending up in individual politician's pockets. Don't just use your journalistic abilities, knowledge and wit in such a partial manner laying Blame and spewing discontentment as though the current government caused all the problems. More that one previous governmental administration contributed. I recognize that style commentary does not lend it self in provoking people to react. Point out what you believe is not the proper path, and direct people the down the path you believe should be taken. Criticism in a constructive manner is fine, although with no alternative resoulution, the criticism fails.

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