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January 10, 2007


Jane Beales

Whilst I enjoyed this article on you and our heir, I think you were rather disingenuous about the opportunites QC gave you. You failed to mention the trips we went on to various out islands, which gave us much opportunity for character-forming.

And it's hardly Prince Charles' fault that you were disinterested in any sporting activity.

Us gals were guides and went on various outings and camps. One was on Paradise Island where we spent our days in the company of charming, if slightly dissolute, Italian croupiers from the casino there - how mind-expanding was that?

And anyway I supsect Charles would have swapped an un-airconditioned classroom for the 6am cold showers they had every day of the year!


Great article, very funny, well done.

Roger Kelty

Thanks for the 'plug'. Great article on a worthwhile enterprise.

Elcott Coleby

Another funny and inspiring article. The research report on Bahamian youth recently tabled in the House of Assembly simply underscores the need to strengthen and expand such youth development programmes. Well done Larry. You are a valued and cherished gate keeper

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