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February 14, 2007


Chris Armaly

All around a very good article this morning. Hammering home several important issues. One question…is there any shame in this country today, over anything??? From the top down in both parties, they're all a bunch of lowlife bums who would never make it in the private sector!

EB Christen

Great rant! A rant is about the only sensible response to the current political happenings. This sorry excuse for 'government' is so rotten and worthless. It isn't any longer the case that we should fear becoming the Banana Republic if we don't straighten up, but that we very much are that Banama Republic now - today. Until Bahamians demand more from their leaders and until accountability and common sense are the order of the day, that won't change. It is quite clear that this Prime Minister is content to let his ministers make a mockery of him and this country.


PLP all the way! The PLP is still strong, and Shane Gibson will be missed for sure.
But rest ashure The PLP is Still a strong And have the will of a mighty Party to Counquer!
Salute to the Prime Minister From Florida. Love You Perry G. Christe And the PLP [party].
Love all Yinna Bahamians. Victory all the way!

Delia Campbell

Let Anna Nicole Rest in Peace please

You know what I want? I wish that ANNA NICOLE could just finally rest in peace. Her life was one big circus and the media is making a bigger one out of her death. As for what Shane Gibson did, I would have done the same thing. We have to bear in mind that this woman should have been celebrating a joyous occasion - the birth of her daughter. But days later, her ONLY son.....dies.....the boy who she doted on (you would see this if you ever watched the show). What kind of grief is that that she must have gone through....I don't know. But in light of the fact that she was a high profiled celebrity - and guest in our country....I don't know if my heart could have been so hard toward her. I would have done what Shane did and try to make her grieving process just a bit smoother and easier. She would have gotten residency...flowers.... a card...and the most INFAMOUS visit.... Calll Me Mrs. Compassionate. Anyone who has watched the Anna Nicole Show knows that she is always all over someone or the other...that's just how she is.....In those Pics, Shane was not in his birthday suit, nor was he touching Anna in any inappropriate manner. This thing stinks to high heaven and will not sway my vote. I givin my vote to Jesus - not the FNM nor PLP. All dem need Jesus. I giving my vote to whoever has a campaign of love because that is where Jesus will be. He can't be in the middle of mess. This whole ordeal I think was soooo politically malicious to Shane and his family because the opposition had to cut down a good tree to try and start growing one of their own. There is no disputing that as Minister of Housing....and MInister of Immigration, Shane Gibson had everybody on their toes and HE DID HIS JOB!!! He wasn't even PLAYIN' doin that......HE DID IT>...and guess what, if he runs for his parliamentary seat again...HE IS GETTING BACK INNNNN>>>>>>>The man is a people's person. I applaud him for showing Anna Nicole Smith some Christian compassion in her time of need, on behalf of his family and the Bahamian people. I would have done it the same way............If I was in his constituency, I would vote for him without thinking. Politicians need to address issues such as crime, the rising rate of abused children, drugs, drug trafficking, recidivism in the prisons and persons who can get out on bail so easily after being charged with murder, poverty, illegal immigration, social injustice, labour concerns where employers are not credible and misuse and short change employees(the small man)....all of these things our politicians need to concentrate on. But nooooo...they want to try hurt up their head to see if Shane slept with Anna Nicole....(sucks teeth). Foolishness. This this is not about party anymore. This was a political ploy to discredit someone who was actually working for the people. There aint enough GAIN nor WOOLite to wash all the dirt most of these politicians have hidden in the closet. They just aint foolin around with someone as famous as Anna Nicole. Duh!! Some folks are just soo DIRTYYYY and want to think the WORST of people before they can give them credit for any good that they have done. I tired of it.....all of this was so uncalled for. Whoever is responsible for all of this media attention on The Bahamas, is not making potential tourists or investors look at The Bahamas as a tranquil tourist destination, but as one where not even our own people who live here can have some peace of mind. THIS THING IS BIGGER THAN SHANE OR ANNA NICOLE.......I don't even see The Bahamas tourist commercials anymore.....everyday I hear about the Bahamas......it's about Anna, the baby, Shane Gibson and Howard K. Stern. All of this was uncalled for......Let Anna Nicole REST IN PEACE...and BE AT PEACE FOR ONCE PLEASE. Let's get back to being a premier tourist destination...let's make the news as THAT>>>.

larry smith

Who the hell is Anna Nicole in terms of the bahamas?

What business did Shane Gibson have getting into her personal life?

And as for a massive conspiracy - give me a bleeding break.

Dream Spyrt

What is Bahamian law regarding citizenship? None of the newspariah in the United 'States have bothered to confirm the status of Anna Nicole Smith's so called Bahamian "citizenship." They don't distinguish between her potential status of gaining permanent residency and receiving citizenship of the Bahamas. Did Smith renounce her United States citizenship? Nobody has yet shown any proof of that. And it is very unlikely since she had litigation pending in the U.S. concerning her deceased husband's estate. Without U.S. citizenship, Smith would not have an easier time winning the Marshall litigation. The law of the U.S. is clear regarding the citizenship of a child born of a mother who is a U.S. citizen. The child becomes a natural citizen of the U.S., no matter where the child is born whether that be on a yacht or airplane over open seas, or on foreign soil. But since Dannielynn was born on foreign soil, most newspariah are claiming she is NOT a U.S. citizen. She would on the otherhand, likely have dual citizenship of first and foremost the United States, then the Bahamas.

larry smith

There has never been any suggestion here that ANS sought or obtained Bahamian citizenship. She received permanent residency (without the right to work) as a result of her supposed "investment" in a multi-million-dollar home.

ANS' child born in the Bahamas has no claim to Bahamian citizenship under our constitution.

Dream Spyrt

Thanks for the reply. I am surprised that the child would not have a right to claim citizenship of the Bahamas because she was born there. That is interesting.

Here are a few who have claimed ANS pursued/had citizenship of the Bahamas.

New Bahamian citizen Anna Nicole Smith is dead

MIAMI, USA, February 9, 2007 - Just months after Anna Nicole Smith obtained permanent residency under controversy in the Bahamas, the former Playboy playmate and voluptuous Marilyn Monroe look-alike is dead...


Did Anna Nicole buy her Bahamian citizenship?


larry smith

They are confusing citizenship with permanent residency.

There is no automatic right to citizenship for someone born of foreign parents in the Bahamas. Partly, this was written into the constitution to prevent tens of thousands of illegal Haitian immigrants from becoming automatic citizens.

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