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February 13, 2007



Very good Sir Arthur.
However, upon being informed of the rule change I would have thought that Mr. Donaldson would have offered to buy a shirt for his guest?
Since publication of the Journal article, a friend that is a member at the Lyford Cay Club advised me that he has not been allowed to enter two functions until he got a coat.
He was white. So what do we call that?
The rules are the rules and far too often we wish to forget them for expedience. And the implication here is that Lyford Cay should forget the rules because Mr. Donaldson is black. Of course that is rubbish.
I wonder what Commonwealth Bank (Mr. Donaldson is Chairman) does when one of their staff does not wear the proper uniform to work?


Perhaps one might ask, why would Mr. Donaldson wish to belong to a predominently foreign "club"
when he is a Bahamian and one would think should embrace a Bahamian venue? perhaps too many of us who gain wealth in a short time wish too hard to "emulate" all that is foreign and end up resenting that which we cannot be?
Instead of being proud of what we are.
This is a deep subject which I note we are beginning to skirt around but it will be up to future generations to digest as we are all "tainted" with our predudices. Black, white, french, colonial, whatever.
We all have chips on our shoulders, and should recognize it.
It would not surprise me if he picked the fight, as I have seem many many examples of that sort of "reverse" power play.

Chad Horstman

If someone treats you poorly black or white you simply should quit that job. That fixes the problem. I'm sure the manager of the club will lose business as well, most whites and blacks would refuse to join a club that mistreats based on race. Maybe I am too positive but I see racisim as something that has naturally been dissapearing and will continue down this path as long as people stay committed to supporting each other against it.

Government Relationship with Bahamians needs attention too

Foreign Investor website posts Election date before Bahamians know!

go to google and enter
Click CACHED under one of the results

They took the actual page down about 5 minutes after I was told about it. But I've got print outs and a pdf of it.
It also goes into great details about the 'big announcement' they hope to save themselves with before election day.
In short, they sold half of Grand Bahama for less than 3 grand per acre.

btw, you authors dont seem to have any email contact on this blog anywhere? Maybe I didn't look hard enough.

A jones

MAURICE Allen lives in the bahamas for several years.
His house was set on fire todate is killer is still out there.
My question is ......Why was he been kill?

Steve B.

Bahamas is the most uncivilized society i have ever seen…..Bahamian has been living away from their home in other country for years…. yet they are not been single out to be treated the way they treat foreigners. Bahamian is famous for not paying foreigners for their labor… for the most part they are treating with violence.

Steve B.

To day April 21st Maurice Allen would have been 40 years old, had he not been murdered brutally for no reason at all...yet his killer walks free.... where is the justice for Maurice?

Donna Smith

Is there anyone who know about Maurice Allen murder? Please help to stop his killer from killing again. come forward with any information on his brutal death.

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