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February 27, 2007


EB Christen

Dear Sir Arthur:

While I agree completely with everything that you wrote here, I think it is important that we, as Bahamians, are honest with ourselves.

Bahamians give much lip service to the environment but the truth is: we litter profusely; we dump illegally wherever we can; we buy lots of large gas guzzlers and decorate them with shiny trinkets, we overfish our waters and have a laughable record on conservation enforcement (what were those Korean boats doing here?); we basically don't recycle at all nor are we trying to do so; we don't push for serious reform of the public trasport sector nor are we prepared to invest heavily, as a nation, into much needed public trasport systems; we have one of the world's largest ship registry's, but have some of the laxest regulations on environmental standards and enforcement is non-existent; we have no real emissions regulations on boats; we have no emissions regulations on motor vehicles; we have an outmoded energy policy that bans or penalizes personal energy efficient power production and stifles any hope for innovative power solutions; we have a massive bureaucratic power company that will preserve its monopoly on energy until hell freezes over; we have recently issued exploratory oil concessions in Bahamian waters (this one still baffles me); we are seriously considering hosting LNG facilities here in our islands when the USA doesn't want them locally; finally, we have a government that doesn't even acknowledge the global scientific communities serious report on climate and its implications for our progeny, because it is so enmeshed with the blonde bombshell affair. (A lot could still be added to this list of environmentally unsound practices.)

In short, we need to take stock.

The threat is serious and real, but Bahamians consume just like Americans and want to live with all the crass perks of Americans while maintaining a 'more moral than though' stance towards our much maligned neighbours. Our memories are short and our government's ideas for action are limited in time and scope, since they are usually just reacting to some event or another that has already happened.

Now for the scary part! Even if we reform our ways, it won't make one iota of difference on the global level. So, our real challenge is: how can we reform our ways AND convince our much more powerful friends and neighbours to lead the charge to reform the world's ways? Is our government up to this challenge? Are the people of the Bahamas up for this challenge?

I hope so. I really, really hope so, but if we don't wake up and read the writing on the proverbial wall, then this little piece of paradise that we all love and call home will disappear and the mighty Atlantis will sink again.

Bahamians need to tell their government to get real on the ISSUES and I hope that is what the message of the next election - no matter the outcome - will be. The stakes are nothing less than the future of our children's lives in this country and the chips are stacked against us on climate issues.

We must remember how to see more than just what is in front of us and what the day at hand is bringing us - there are bigger forces afoot and not all of them are benevolent.

wil simmons

Thank you Thankyou Thank you, it is the single greatest threat to our future and 4 out of 5 bahamians probably couldn't even tell you what you were talking about if you sadi global warming, i dont think its even on the social studies syllabus

Salty Dog

you speak of this global warming, as if it were fact.
this is far from a proven fact, its a theory full of holes. Al gore has used his very public persona, to push an agenda which i believe is more about controlling the masses, than saving the world.
The earth has, according to various climatologist who have not succumbed to this nonsense periodically gone through periods of warming and cooling. we call them ice ages. while i don't believe we are helping the environment by polluting it, i doubt we are in eminent danger by virtue of our carbon usage of destroying it, we are in more danger by cutting down the rain forest in the amazon which supply's our oxygen and absorbs co2. so tell me why are western countries not going into Brazil to forcibly stop this practice? its because the people behind global warming do not actually care, it is more about control,socialism is just around the corner for the west if you follow this path. The gw nazis operate on the premise that if you can convince people that the deprivations they face day to day are warranted they will not rebel they will gladly give up their freedoms one by one, if you can only link it to the sacred global warming cow. imagine a world where you cannot travel because that causes carbon pollution. and how about the asinine proposal to ban beef in the United Kingdom because cows expel methane gas, so do humans,.. are we next on the chopping block?
do not be so gullible as to buy into this without all of the scientific community getting to weigh in on this matter, many fear ridicule by their more outspoken leftist colleagues as well as losing their grant money and thereby their livelihoods. resistance is emerging in some of the most surprising places see here http://www.themidnightsun.org/?p=222

also read this blog, which a poster on the midnight sun brought to my attention. it debunks much of what Al Gore claimed as factual as weak and unsubstantiated
there are tons of others who dispute gw as well.
don't buy into this nonsense until you research both sides.


Global warming is a fact as science goes. It has to be taken very seriously and its all about risk management.

Please take this seriously.

Even US business are taken it seriously now as a risk management issue....

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