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February 21, 2007


Interested Abroad

If you think the state of the Bahamas is bad now just wait until the real effects of Perry "Anchor" Christie's unfortunate playout of his anchor development economic program comes to fruition.

Have you ever looked up the definition of "Banana Republic". A country controlled by foreign corporations, dependent on one export and industry and with a self dealing corrupt governmental system.

The Banana Republic status of the Bahamas is becoming more entrenched, and Bahamians are becoming more and more dependent upon foreign control and worse they are living with the expectation that it will take them to glory.

This dependence on foreign ownership and its effective control of the superior market position in each Island, and the current foreign land grab will doom the Bahamas. Its Banana Republic status will be all we have to look to if nothing is done about the way the Christie administration plans to develop the Bahamas.

It is such a myopic policy it is amazing Bahamians are not up in arms all over the country demanding its abolishment. How can you develop a country without native ownership at least somewhere in its one major industry, much less where there is also a giveaway of its most precious asset its land, superior market positions and large scale pollution of its culture by an overwhelming increase and domination of the populace by rich foreign second homeowners and a foreign support workforce.

Its a disaster happening before our eyes as we sit and watch this unfortunate development policy rollout. A

Where is the responsible Journalism. We are a society numbed by greed, stupidity and lack of talent, we don't even need to worry about corruption, it is inherently a part of the package when all these other deficits are in place. A Banana Republic no doubt.



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