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March 06, 2007



Oh well I'm home to see for my self and the PLP is REALLY FULL OF IT, FNM ALL THE way! sattle up hubert.
hubert all the way!
The hell with the PLP!


An article such as this does the voter no good. Both PLP and FNM parties offer nothing of substance to the Bahamian people but the same brand of degenrative behavior and comments like this article. Both are guilty of the same disrepectful behavior. When will we move from being second class citizens in our own country that simply are exploited to support foreign investment. With all the investments over the past 10-12 years we still dont have a local university to re-educate and uplift our local knowledge base so we then become investors in our own country. Both parties have failed and are failing in this sense. We don't just want jobs we want to be the ones creating the jobs. We have the talent, knowledge, and skills, but our leaders lack vision and foresight that keep us dependant on foreigners.

For a country with 85% black controls less than 1% of its wealth and have less than that in capital investments. Check out the major banks in the country and see who has the most assets/accounts in our banks. Outside of our own governmental agencies the majority of the assets in Bahamaian banks are owned by the "other" 15% of our popukation and foriegners.

So Sir Arthur I beg you to talk of things more susbstantive than Sir Lyden and Lady Pindling and this one and that one. I hope no one talks of you the way you talk of them when your gone. Have some respect.


PLP FNM all of them Full of Mess.
Nassau, Look and smell Like the Dumps. I want to know one thing when are they the Government going to clean and fix the raods? It's election season aint it?
well hope they visit the people houses and come down off thier high horse!
such is why Hubert Lost the last election 2002. He,he,he...
Now he lookig to rebound on the Bahamian People. "The tripple dipper"


I can't for the life of me understand why people like David continue to say the things they do about "the other 15%" and the distribution of wealth in this country.
Where does he drive? Where does he live? Does he work in a bank? I spent a lot of years in consumer banking in this country and it seems he would be surprised by how much wealth is in the hands of the "85%". And all you have to do is drive around New Providence to see who lives where and the amount of money people spend on dwellings, cars, etc. The vast majority of lawyers, accountants, insurance people, etc. are ...?
He that eyes to see, let him see.
So ... cut the crap with the racist claptrap which was maybe valid 50 years ago and talk about what you know, not the racist propaganda of people whose heads are stuck firmly you know where.


This article teaches that it is very important to research and know your history. What we Bahamians experience today are side affects from important political events which occurred years ago. I am presently insulted by recent ads by a political party which indicate the UBP days will return. How pathetic, desperate and insulting.This message can only be aimed at persons old enough to have experienced segregation and oppression 'cuz I ain't scared a no one'. We live in a democratic nation and the people decide what prevails not any particular party!
What kind of fools do these people believe live in this country?

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