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April 10, 2007



The sad part about this Judicial vs. executive debacle is that the Bahamian people in general do not seem to understand the importance of the situation. It is amazing that many see it as the AG has proposed, an attempt by the judges to get a pay raise. It appears the immaturity of the Bahamian electorate is showing, they do not seem to undersatnd the importance of seperation of powers. While there is actually no real separation of powers between the legislative and executive branch as the Westminster system is practiced in the Bahamas, we at least are supposed to constitutionally have separation of powers bewteen the executive and judiciary.

Something is very wrong when the executive branch of any govt is accused by the high court justices of breaking the law and trying to subjugate and control the Judiciary.

In any first world country this would be unheard of and woud probably bring the govt down.

I feel this is perhaps the greatest scandal spawned by the current PLP govt., asnd it is amazing the that opposition is not taking advantage of it.

This situation is a disaster to international onlookers and cannot be good for the confidence of legitimate investors.

In all respects it as a close to anarchy in government as we have ever been in the Bahamas.

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