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April 11, 2007



It seems as Larry Smith really has something against Mike Fothergill. Is it because Mr. Fothergill has plenty evidence to back up his claims? It will be interesting to see how things are ruled in June. As far as allowing convicted felons to enter the Bahamas and do buisness. Are you kidding me? I think if you looked closer at some residents and people conducting buisness in the Bahamas you will see much worse then Mr. Fothergill.


Does anyone have an update on this story?

I'm curious to know whats happening with the injunction brought upon Bella Mar Estates (Jorge Diaz Cueto).

When will the appeal happen?


Is the Butler claim limited to the original homesite at Blackrock? Do they claim all the property of the Thomas Frazer tract?


Does anybody know what happened or rather what is the story about the Miami cab driver? He inherited and made fraud?????????


Where are they with the injunctions? Is this over? Need update


What are the injunctions?


this is 2008 and there will be more injunctions if people who are illegally selling bahamian property on the internet with fraudlent convayances dont stop.


Bahamas Land Fraud have your say do you have any information on any fraud or people who are selling land with no clear title


hey, raymond are you scared now. can't tell people that it's you. getting info from people. hey, i know all about the land deals that you are doing.


well i guess you couldn't say anything now. I see all paper work. never turn your back on raymond. he will never change. if you meet him run for the hills.

larry smith

In 2006 the Bahamas Supreme Court issued an injunction against Michael Fothergill, Billy Wayne Davis, Rum Cay Ventures, Newport Harbour and others.

The injunction restrained these defendants from selling and/or subdividing a 67.5- acre piece of vacant land known as Murray's Camp, and another 15.5-acre tract to the west of the salt pond - both to the east of Port Nelson on RumCay.

Richard Lightbourn of McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes had filed for the injunction on behalf of a Bahamian company called Tara Ltd, whose predecessors in title obtained Certificates of Title from the Supreme Court in 1988, through descent from one Mary Dorsett.

Tara is owned by Andrew MacTaggart of Nassau.

As noted above, Rum Cay Ventures, together with John and maria Demming, then filed a counter suit seeking to have Tara's ownership claim set aside, on the ground of fraud. A ruling on this dispute was issued late last year by Supreme Court Justice Anita Allen.

That ruling struck out the counterclaim, restrained Rum Cay Ventures and others from trespassing on the properties in question, and awarded costs to Tara Ltd.

The court further declared that:

1. The June 18, 2002 conveyance from Merrill and Raymond McDonald to Rum Cay Ventures is null and void to the extent that they purport to convey an interest in the above-mentioned properties.

2. The May 28, 1987 conveyance from Merrill and Raymond McDonald to Newport Harbour is null and void to the extent that they purport to convey an interest
in the above-mentioned properties.

3. The October 29, 1996 conveyance from Douglas Kinney, Donald Scott and Don Major to Newport Harbour is null and void to the extent that they purport to convey an interest in the above-mentioned properties.

4. The July 5 2002 conveyance from Rum Cay Ventures to John and Maria Demming is null and void.

5. Interlocutory judgment for damages for trespass be entered against Fothergill, Rum Cay Ventures and Bob Pope.

The order has a penal notice attached to it, so failure to comply constitutes a contempt of court.

This should send a signal as regards the other properties in contention on Rum Cay, since these conveyances are at the heart of all the land disputes on the island. The McDonald's claim to the land was based on a bequest in the will of Effie Knowles.

But people are inclined to believe what they want, and where they have paid hard-earned money for a property they want to believe that their title is good.




do you guys really think there is a good title on any of these lands. i know that he sold the lands a couple of times and you guys who looking this up know it too. get smart and keep your money out of reach of raymond macdonald. all he wants to do with it is not good things. look at all the dumb people waiting for there money from him. haha. you won't get it. he never pays anyone back. if someone can tell me if they got money back from him tell me. he still lives in hollywood florida and taking money from anyone who well give it to him for bad land deals.
and if raymond reading this. bite me!!!! haha they well get you soon.

billy davis

check out the new web site ,read and follow instructions



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