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May 05, 2007



Too bad the Governor General's party always seemed to forget the importance of the Oppostition but hopefully the FNM will heed his words because they are an important part of a democracy.
The source of the admonition is "cute" though. Has he seen the light?
With regard to the disorder and confusion on May 3, it is a real pitty that former PM Perry Christie or the Parliamentary Registrar did not release an official statement or visit the press houses to help restore calm to the PLP supporters. It was getting out of hand in several areas I understand.
Now it is up to all Bahamians to keep the FNM's feet to the fire to ensure they deliver on their promises of accountability and transparency.


I think there is one mistake that some commentators have been making and you have done the same.

Your reference to the alleged fact that there is currently "economic expansion" is one that i think you will find is not the case for the bahamas at this time.

The facts and figures put forth by the central bank are highly flawed and several experts have questioned whether there is real economic expansion of the economy. The anchor projects are basically a farce and the reserves have been artificially inflated by government IOU's to the central bank and other creative accounting.

Tourism is down and has been flat for years, the financial services industry as we knew it is basically finished with no real hope for resurrection due current international restraints like the Patriot Act.

The PLP did nothing during their term to put in place any real long term sustainable economic development and the FNM has one hell of a job on their hands to produce true sustainable economic Development.

They can do it but it will take some extremely innovative approaches and it will take time and will not be easy.

The real problem with developing true economic empowerment for Bahmaians and real economic development for the country is that the competition globally is fierce and getting more fierce each day, and our competitive ability and the depth of talent avaiable to us is limited at this time relative to other international players.

In addition some essential pieces of infrastructure that will be needed like changes in the capital market structure and others are not in place and will take some doing.

It can be done but will take some siginificant changes to take the Bahamas to the next level. Lets hope the new government will be successful in their endeavours, we all need them to be.

larry smith

Thanks. I take your point and I will review, but if it is not expansion it is certainly not recession - which was my point.

The entire world is growing healthily in ever region - by 5.4 per cent overall according to the IMF.


I forgot to mention, as I probably have said before, you continue to be one of the best writers the Bahamas has been blessed with.

Keep up the good work.

Cute chick

I think it was a fair election

Dr. P. Samuel Bain

The problem with politicians on both sides of the political divide is that they speak out of both sides of their mouths. They conveniently practice the philosophy espoused in the great political satire "Animal Farm". In short, they are nothing more than political pigs.


I am a British expat and have lived here for 30 years. The problem (politics aside) seems to me to be that many have embraced the old "All for me baby" mentality. I expect both administrations have been flawed in this way.
I warned many young persons in 2002 who claimed they would not vote, that it was their duty, and although unhappy with both parties, to vote for the "lesser of two evils" or the country would be in dire straits. It seems I was right.
It is almost hypocritical to state that the Bahamas is a "Christian nation" when most of us are aware it is rife with corruption at all levels.
I fear Mr.Ingraham and Mr.Symonette must first attempt to weed out the corrupt within their own government (including the RBPF and RBDF) before anything can be accomplished.

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