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May 22, 2007



Well Said again.

Hopefully thesalient points made will be taken to heart by PLP dieharhds and their leadership if the want to move forward.

As you point out in a much more refined way, you can only fool youself for so long before the truth just hits you in the face and you are forced to face reality in order to move forward.

Hopefully the PLP leadership will read your considerably experienced advice and opinions and understand just where they are and how they got there.

Again, an excellent article.

kareem Lumumba

Surely you cannot be serious.. Why would Christie listen to a former or perhaps current member of the FNM and Political operative? YOu have got to be kidding us!!!
Christie lost because he and his colleagues while making mistakes Governed so effectively that the electorate and the nation forgot the massive peril the nation faced post 9/11. Three years of massive economic and political uncertainty, Inernational and domestic political peril, skyrocketing domestic gasoline prices somewhat inelastic Government revenues, hurricanes, unfunded National Security Mandates from International Agencies and the very beligerent, pre emptive and overly aggressive US Govermental machine. Christies Government provided steady economic and crisis management i a very turbulent time. Management executed so well a minority of the the electorate forgot there was a crisis and voted FNM against their own intersts. A situation soon to be corrected.
Hopefully Christie would do well not listen to the nonsense in your so well articulated misdirection.



It is difficult to understand why some cannot understand that the jury has spoken. Despite your protestations, when the question of effectiveness and proficiency of the Christie govt was put directly before the people as the major issue in the campaign, they spoke, they voted, they acted in what they peceived to be their best interest, they changed their position from the previous count and gave the new administration a tremedous mandate of an additional 17 seats and did so after only one term of the Christie govt. Even a subtantial pick up of seats by the FNM without winning the govt, would have sent a message. The handwriting was clearly put on the wall, even for the most dyslexic reader.

It certainly is difficult for me as one objective bystander to figure out why this is not clearly understandable to PLP apologists. Why do you continue to live in denial?

Please move forward to help the Country move forward.

Again it is clear that the people have spoken and they generally do not agree with your suppositions. They made a massive change in the positions of the parties with their recent vote even after only one term of PLP administration, doesn't this tell you something. Please let's move forward.


Well written and informed commentary as usual. It is so interesting to note that an electorate which in 2002 was widely acclaimed for its intelligence and decisiveness has suddenly become ignorant and un-informed if one were to listen to Mr. Christie and his band of brothers.
My greatest fear for our country is that the discontent being sown by the “intellectual” politically dis-empowered will be fermented by the intellectually un-initiated producing a harvest of Civil Unrest. This is blatantly selfish and self seeking of the previous administration. It demonstrates an acute lack of statesmanship, decency and honor.
Leadership does not position itself at the fore of the masses and allow itself to become carried away by the warm currents of emotion. Instead it gently rises to the top as clear water rises in a stream filled with rocks, boulders, sand and gravel and finds its level at the top. We need leadership in the PLP which is visionary and can inspire a people to bring out the best in themselves. Sir Lynden we miss you !!


Sir Arthur

I have studied your comments on this site and overwhelmingly you always seem to refer "back" to L.O. as the root of the PLP's problem. It's amazing to see how you cultural elite constantly defame each other. PLP's cry UPB and the FNM has Conchy Joe Fever. FNM's cry L.O.'s ghost and the PLP plays the race card. Sir Arthur, you have to do a better job of hiding your obvious bias. I have seen no objectivity from your articles compared to other contributors. Be a pundit. Talk about the present government or can you????? Rehashing the L.O. boogey-man to scare young bahamians who lack the history or the experience to understand our present Bahamas is getting old. Discuss the current government and the challenges that face them for the next five years. Give me/us articles that enlighten us about "current and future" challenges. The election is over the PLP has been defeated. MOVE ON. FORWARD!!

kareem Lumumba

The job of the PLP in moving forward is to bring down the FNM Government and to remove from office the most dangerous man to occupy the Office of Prime Minister.

I believe that his history and that of his previous two terms and the record will show that the current Prime Minister is lackey of the Bay Street Abaco monied elite and represent very narrow economic and finanacial interests in the Bahamas.

Reversal of thirty years of Cabinet finding with respect to relocation of the Port and shipping activities on Bay Street is in my view prima facie evidence of Political patronage, payback and cronyism. A full listing of supporting policies would be too numerous to list here.
Surely Sir Lynden must be screaming 'leave me alone' each time you invoke his name in your disinformation campaign for the Free National Movement.


@Kareem Lumumba

Beware of blind loyalty. I can't really put it any other way. Your commentary sounds zealous to the point of irrationality. There are good FNMs and bad FNMs just as there are good PLPs and bad PLPs - you have to go with the lesser of two evils. The actions of the PLP in the past 5 years did not inspire confidence. Thus, the people voted them out. If the FNM are so terrible as you suppose, then they will be voted out as well.

The PLP must recognize the things they did wrong and seriously rectify them. If they stick to the 'God gave the Bahamas to the PLP' attitude, then they will lose again. If Christie had addressed the scandals and if he had shown serious leadership, then he would have won again in a landslide, but he didn't and he lost the confidence of the people in doing so. He has no one else to blame but himself and those particular woefully immature, petty and avaricious ministers who brought on all the scandals. (Gibson, Smith, Stubbs etc) If he had addressed even one of those scandals, the election would have been different. (What were Korean boats doing in the Bahamas?)

I want to see both parties cleaned up and working properly for the country, but the PLP just aren't there yet and their continued denial of their mistakes will continue to alienate the Bahamian electorate until they do so. Accountability and responsibility are the watch words for the next 5 years.

Keep idiots out of Parliament, be they FNM or PLP! Make party loyalty history and vote for SMART candidates!

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