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June 20, 2007



Thank you, Larry, for saying this. It's fundamental to who we are, and we need to keep the issue alive.


Ta'Shar Cuccurullo

Well said!

Jackson Burnside

Thanks for making my Great Gran' Ma, and me, known in Tough Call.

I enjoyed "seeing" the radio show from a different perspective. Please keep wood in this fire. you seem to reach the community with more force than anybody has in the past. Perhaps, our community is tired of the blight now, and is ready to fight this nonsense. Please count me in the lobby.

Godfrey Lightbourn

An excellent heads-up for dear Old Nassau. And it has special merit because it does not spare some punches where they should be leveled.

I am so glad you have named Waterous for his "contribution"! I knew West Hill very well in the late 30's and 40's.

My mother was born at "Sunning Ridge" which Waterous now owns. That should make it an "Historic Building"!!

My grandparents' home was on the corner of West Hill and West St., and Sir Walter K. Moore was across the street at Villa Doyle. Am so glad the latter was saved.

My family described the terrific heat at their house there when the Britsh Colonial was burning (in 1920s)!

I hope some lobbying will get attention.

Cavalier, Mosko, and a couple of others bid on demolishing The Ugly Bldgs, on the Eastern end of Arawak cay in 1990 +/-. Our quote was about $ 225,000 then. Others were similar.

I also put in a proposal not long after to remove the upper storey and develop offices / restaurant on the deck, and warehousing for shippers underneath. A fantastic location/view. Believe it or not, but the suspended or 2nd floor slab is structurally sound !

This really was incorporated with a Shipping Terminal proposal, incorporating a Ferry type operation, in conjunction with Cavalier Shipping (now Arawak Stevedoring which combines Cavalier Shipping and Brahma Shipping).

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