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July 12, 2007



not really FIO but it's interesting info right there for the reading


Many crimes that made the headlines and then faded out of memory (because the court process takes so %%#$&*# long) are listed here with basic info about who was convicted, what they did, how many years they got and the status of their attempts at appeals.

I love reading the ones where especially guilty and evil people appeal time and again and get denied over and over.

larry smith

well, thanks for reminding me about this site, but I am not impressed.

The earliest judgements date only from 2001, and many are mere citations - not written.


Larry, as I type, this link is not working. It's up and down, however, and it's worth coming back to in case it comes back up.

It's a link to General Orders, which specifically prohibit any civil servant from writing or speaking to the press without the express written permission of his or her Permanent Secretary. Unconstitutional? Perhaps, but it's currently legal. Until General Orders is challenged in the light of the Constitution reporters and ordinary citizens will find it impossible to get any information out of government workers.

Just thought I'd share.



Whoops! Here's the link:


Or go to http://www.bahamas.gov.bs/ and find the link to General Orders. The whole site appears to be down for the moment, but will come back up eventually.

larry smith

Thanks Nico - a good angle to follow. But of course, we can't even get a ps or minister to respond most times.

BTW, I am considering a national to-do list for next week's column. If you - or anyone else - have suggestions I would be happy to include. Preferably items that could be tracked by performance over the life of this government.

EB Christen

-Straw Market
-Movement of Port
-Marina at west end of Bay Street
-More Marina/Residential East End of Bay Street
-Bay Street Revitalisation
-Dredging Harbour
-Restructuring Duty and Stamp Tax to improve business competitiveness vis a vis Miami (aka LOWERING IMPORT DUTIES IN SENSIBLE MANNER)
-Building Maximum Security Prison Separate Facility with adjoining court structure
-Eliminating the RETARDED prison bus
-Moving Prime Minister and Cabinet Offices and citing area for Major Hotel Investment
-5 star Casino Downtown - get cruise passengers off SHIPS!
-More Residential Development Downtown
-Move NAGB or Expand it so that the Current Government Buildings at Rawson Square are the main NAGB area - exposing Bahamian Arts and Crafts to the 4+ million visitors we have every year - Music Museum, Junkanoo Museum, Historic Museum and NAGB building at Rawson Square Government Complex
-Building BRAND NEW Parliament near COB or on Independence Highway or in area over the hill and giving fair market value and new homes to displaced persons - thus eradicating slum areas and redeveloping the capital at same time
-PUBLIC TRANSPORT VISION - Monorail over East/West Highway with bus system revamped in harmony? (that's crazy i know, but crazy ideas are needed now - out of the box)
-EDUCATION REFORM - make education at least 10 - 15% of our budget, 31 million is a joke! and stop wasting time... this country is throwing away its future...
-Revise import duties on motor vehicles, giving breaks to eco-friendly cars and increasing tax on gas guzzlers! time to get serious!
-Enforcing road safety and traffic laws and enforcing emission standards on jitneys, big trucks and personal vehicles
-Increasing police presence and aggressively marketing police as friend in all communities and schools
-Teaching and preaching value of education not just for economic value but for social and political value
-HOLDING government ministers accountable
-Pushing for the learning of an additional language in all schools, be it Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French or German - for both tourism and banking (Bahamians need to wake up and realise that there are many, many good jobs in this country but if they aren't qualified - they won't get them and aren't entitled to them - they have to earn them via education

Sorry this is written as a rant, but I am pressed for time and there are so many. Cheers to all and blessings upon our beautiful Bahama-land.


Why do we, the tax payers, have to pay for a 'straw market' for vendors to sell knock off bags?
If, like they say, they can only make money selling these bags, let them go find their own space in which to sell them.

I want someone, anyone, to give me a good and sound reson why we, the tax payers, ought to pay for premises for them!!


Updated link to General Orders:



Specific articles treating the release of information by public servants:



The FNM's booklet they released just before election reads like one long to-do list.

I too have a crazy idea (less crazy than a monorail) for making downtown Bay Street and Shirley Street pedestrian only (it involves making the people who own paid parking lots filthy rich, people who rent scooters filthy rich, and 2 decent bus terminals for the benefit of the jitney riding public, it would also create a couple above minimum wage jobs for non-stop street cleaning and trash pickup)

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