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July 15, 2007



1. No 'nigga' is going to willingly enroll in something called YEAST. Soon as his boys hear bout that he's gonna be on the receiving end of EVERY possible joke involving yeast infections.

2. Yeast is trying to fix what's broken. It's not trying to prevent the problem. Need to get to the kids before they get into problems.

3. The national school of excellence is a superb idea. According to another article on this site GHS used to be just that. The former PM even states in his bio on the plp web-site that not being able to maintain the high standards of GHS and being kicked out was the turning point of his life and made him determined to succeed in life.
There is a reason why (at least in other countries) white-collar criminals aren't sent to the same prisons as hard-core violent criminals. Sending some children to certain public and even private schools is as bad an idea as sending a skinny, pale computer hacker to a maximum security prison where the pressure to conform to criminal life on the inside is 20x the pressure to conform to society on the outside. Sadly, in our case and in the U.S. the culture of our youth glamorises criminal behavoiur and in some americans have told me that in certain parts of certain cities you aren't considered a man until you've spent at least a couple months in jail.

4. What does Her Majesty's Prison consider 'rehabilitation'. I've got this guy who does odd jobs for me every now and then. He's been in and out of prison non-stop since his teens. It obviously did _nothing_ to help make him a better person.



I really wish one of our newspapers or somebody would get their hands on the reports and put something like this together.

Age, Race, Gender, Cause of Death, Day of the Week, Name, Place, Date, and a MAP of where the murder took place. Also they have informative articles about every murder and update some of them with info about the court cases of the murderers.

The Bahamian public needs it's own community run Homicide Report.

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