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July 04, 2007



If other Caribbean countries had the same level of Colonialism than we did in the Bahamas, why have they been able to hold on to their culture more than us, like Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad? Is it because the Bahamas had a larger White Bahamian mercantile population, per capita, that has "encouraged" continued assimilation into the British way of doing things, class system and all? Have we continued to feel that our Indian and African roots are of no value? Surely the only reason that other countries have more profound expressions of thier culture/music, has little to do with the Economics of it.

And our vicinity to the US is no excuse. Mexico, America's closest neighbour, has always maintained its own culture and they are tied in explicity in all economical ways as well. The last thing we need is for Bahamians to create a shadow of what "culture" is, just because we are now seeing the financial benefits. Again, if we are only doing this for the tourist of the foreigner, then its not real. When oh when, will we simply appreciate ourselves, our history and our culture and retain and honour it for ourselves!

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