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July 04, 2007


Joan Thompson

There are many many scientists who do not buy into the Kyoto Protocols. In fact the “hockey stick” graph touted as “evidence’ for an increase of CO2 has been shown to be flawed because unverified data was entered.

Whether it was an honest mistake – or a deliberate act to achieve a desired outcome – we will probably never know.

What we do know is that Global Warming and the projected outcomes by the environmentalists is great if you are looking for a crisis – around which to advance a political agenda - a la Al Gore.

I see no advantage for the Bahamas by adding to the hype. The mindless just jump on board – for whatever they can get out of it.

The Bahamas has (or did have under the FNM an individual identified as the “Ambassador to the Environment”. This is simply beyond stupid.

Politicians like Fred Mitchell use the issue for self-promotion, and many are easily fooled by nonsense. They do not make the connection between their taxes and the price they are paying for political demagoguery.

larry smith

The article was based on a book about hurricane intensity, which I found interesting. It did not address the Kyoto treaty, other than to say it was coming to an end.

Even Bjorn Lumsborg does not dispute the fact of global warming - he talks about priorities, which is fine.

You do yourselves a disservice by trying to discount the scientific consensus for purely ideological reasons. The question of what to do about global warming is moot.

And what is wrong with focusing on the environment in our country, which relies almost 100% on it?

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